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Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday vol. 4

It's Fridayyyyy!!! Only one more Friday until we all get to enjoy a long weekend! Unless of course, you work retail, which I don't suggest doing. Sorry bout ya!

As usual, I'm linking up with sweet April over at A. Liz Adventures for Five on Friday. Here we go!


My real life friend turned blogger friend Emily at Brown Eyed Girl is coming to hang out in D-Town this weekend. 

She relocated to Houston in February and is heading up here for a visit. We don't have many set in stone plans, but so far on the list is a game night, housewarming party, possible Aveda appointment (Jody do you have anything left?), a visit to Velvet Taco (if you're in DFW and you've never been, go NOW!) and possibly some adventures in Fort Worth. Merge all of that with my never-ending to-do list for the house and we've got a busy weekend ahead of us!


I got the energy last night to add a little artwork to my now-cured chalkboard wall in the kitchen. It's my first go at it and I'm not in LOVE with it but I'm just learning the chalk game and I hope I can get more creative and skilled with chalk as I go. Check it out:

(don't forget-we plan to replace counters, back splash, and appliances down the road!)


Ok, so this is kind of a continuation of two, but the documentation of the photo wall last night turned into a doggie photoshoot. I've mentioned our dog Motley a few times, but I've yet to do a dedicated "about Motley" on the sidebar...I need to get to it! At least my dog lovers might appreciate it...I know one blogless girl that would, at least!


This week has been super off for me because of my trip from Monday through Wednesday night to Las Vegas. I don't typically post all the photos I take, so here are a couple more images of my work week:

For any new readers that don't understand, I work for a residential interior design company as a junior designer so we go to site meetings in Las Vegas twice a month for this particular client. I posted about our stay yesterday, here!


Mark and I have been thinking about buying a new couch ever since we got married, so it's almost 10 months now. We don't want to break the bank, especially since it will see SOME wear because of our pets and my extreme clumsiness, but we also want something that will hold up pretty well to all of the above. We know we want a medium sized grey sofa with a chaise lounge, and there are plenty of choices out there. Does anyone have a recommendation or a warning about any sort of place we would try and buy from? 

I saw this sofa at World Market a few weeks ago for $700 and casually mentioned it to Mark. 

I practically flipped out when I was back in the store last weekend and saw it was marked down to $599. It's super tempting! Anyone have any experience with World Market quality vs cost? We need to replace our tattered Ikea love seat, stat!

Well that's it for this week! Sorry for the radio silence earlier, but tune in next week for my Emily weekend update and hopefully some progress pictures and DIY's on the house! 

(progress sneak peek! more to come next week!)

Happy Weekend!


  1. Lol, Motley definitely needs his own sidebar, if for no other reason than to make me feel lees crazy (our hound dog, Abe has his own section on my blog).

    We're looking at dark grey couches too. I originally had my eye on the Henry sectional from West Elm, but that one is $$$ and with so many other projects planned, we're thinking about the dark grey Ektorp from Ikea instead. I may have to take the hubs to World Market to check this one out :-)

    1. One day Motley will have her own sidebar! So funny!

      Yes, we talked about the Ektorp, but I think it might be a little big for our space. I'll have to check it out in person. Let me know what you decide on!

  2. Did you dip your chalk in water? After I get my sketch done I go over it with wet chalk and it gives it a cleaner darker finish. I think yours looks great!
    We have not had any world market clothe furniture but we do have book shelves and an entertainment center and they have held up great!

    1. Nope, I didn't think to dip my chalk in water! I should do that next time... Although I think part of my trouble was with the textured walls and the fact that this verse was lengthy!

      Glad to hear you were happy with your WM purchase!

  3. Motley is adorable! And oh my goodness, don't get me started on World Market -- I could spend so much money there. I have a leather chair from WM but haven't had any experiences with their couches. Stellar price, though!

    1. Thanks! We love our fur baby a little TOO much.

      World Market is getting up there with Target on the black hole status...Love it! So good to hear that you like the chair you got there. Good news so far! Thanks!

  4. I can't wait to see you! And I'm STOKED for VT :)

    The wall looks amazing! So cute and relatively easy to change when you want something different.

    I love that couch and especially the price! I know Sarah has a really cute chair from WM and she's been happy with it. Honestly, I'd say go for it, based solely off the price tag. It will for sure last a good 2-3 years I bet while y'all save up for something else.

    1. It's been way too long for VT! This weekend will be fun for sure!

      Yep, I'll be on the lookout for chalkboard inspiration from now on!

      Also, I think Mark and I are going to check out the couch tonight before you get it. Hopefully we will have something new soon! :)

  5. The chalkboard is super cute! How fun would it be with a countdown... Countdown to Christmas, vacation, etc. I've considered painting my laundry room chalkboard before. I may have to revisit that thought :)

  6. Also - you can buy chalk pens from Hobby Lobby.... they're expensive, but look WAY more clean.


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