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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Babies...but not the kind you think!

I wasn't sure what to post about today until my sister commented on an Instagram photo and asked whether we had moved into our new house yet. I thought this was common knowledge, but maybe I hadn't been clear! Or maybe my beloved sister isn't following my blog like she should be...cough cough.

Regardless, I do have some updates to share! 

Last night I accomplished basically nothing because of my pretty friend Heather:

(Patriotic, yet blogless at the moment)

Heather brought her sweet dog Edward (featured on my Instagram over the weekend) for a play date with Motley and she I and I tried something new for dinner. 

nope, same old same old. 

We chatted at Fuzzy's for a while and then came home and enjoyed the cloudy and cool evening in our chairs in the backyard under the tree. Heather and Edward headed home about 9:30 and it was off to bed for me!

As I mentioned, my dad brought a truckload of items over from my parent's house on Saturday. Among the items he brought were the dresser that we turned into our media cabinet, a bed frame, and...

My childhood stuffed animals. 

I laughed out loud when I opened this. I remember most of the items, but some were inferior to others (obviously) and I have no idea why my mom kept them. 

Heather was particularly tied to this Alaskan eskimo, which she fondly named "Eskie". I think this was from a family member that either lives in Alaska or from one that visited. Unfortunately I can't remember! Mom or Angela, a little help?

And then there were these...

...and these.

Yes, those are beanie babies and their larger counterparts. Of COURSE, these aren't all that I own, pfffffft. The rest of that blue bin in the top photo was filled with various babies of the bean variety, including the valuable McDonald's happy meal toys, still in their box so I can sell them for profit, duh! 

After sifting through those boxes and remembering my favorite toys, we started to get the house in a livable shape. Here is what it looked like this week:

The guest room has been command central for all decorative items. Here they are piled up, just waiting for a spot!

A behind the scenes shot of my staged office area.

I think the black and grey help the mint look a little better. Thoughts?

Another view of my office area, coming together!

Our hallway is piling up with items to go in the attic, plus the mirror that I still need to paint and hang!

Mark's office looked like this for a while...Clutter central!

The bathroom is coming along...I just need to touch up trim, hang the clock, and add a few industrial decor pieces to finish it off! For now...

We had a steady stream of empty boxes piled up in the kitchen.

The living room is starting to fill up! Still need a new couch and I plan to sand down that coffee table to reveal the natural wood finish. I also haven't hung anything on the walls yet... One day!

This is about all that has changed in the entry. I will get a console, paint the hardware, do some touch up (notice the black door! the front is still red, though...) and hang something on the wall here.

So that's where we are right now. I have a long list of things to get accomplished this weekend, so hopefully I'll have more progress to share next week. 

In the meantime, please send stories of your financial success with your booming beanie baby business. I'm sure there are a lot of self-made millionaires out there... ;)


  1. You and mark were destined to be together because I'm pretty sure he had no less than 150 beanie babies. I was more into Troll dolls.... Big and small. ;)

    1. Oh man, he hasn't shared his love for Beanie Babies! I'll have to ask him about it. I bet he's totally jealous of my stash...I'll just have to count them to make sure none of them suddenly go missing! lol

  2. The Eskimo was from GB and Pa- she got us all one when she was up in AK! I remember us getting them for Christmas one year I am pretty sure.

    1. I remember that now that you say something! Eskie is so furry and soft, much like Debbie! :)

  3. I second Adie's comment. Was about to say, Eskie was from GB and should be forever prized. LOL... I may still have mine, btw...

    1. Yep, that totally rings a bell now that you both say that. I was leaning towards them or Memaw and Pawpaw, but I don't remember if they went to Alaska while I was alive or not...I will cherish it and pet it like Debbie because I get the two confused! lol


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