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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting my priorities in line...

So, I know I said I would be MIA due to travel, but I can't leave my readers without Target Tuesday! So here I am, in my hotel lounge, writing a blog post while a legit GQ NFL magazine party goes on directly behind me. Priorities, people! 

Here are my home decor finds this week:

Target has a bunch of fun vases and home decor. How pretty are these to add a natural touch to a room?!

Once you see my master bathroom makeover, you'll understand my current obsession with sea glass. It is just so pretty! I'm loving this giant vase and wish I could have snatched it up! 

And of course these milk glass bottles on SALE caught my eye! 

My obsession with stripes just won't quit. How fun are these blankets?

Some people might find this jute rug boring, but it's the perfect neutral to ground a room. The black banded edge keeps it classy!

I liked this table with the iron base and natural wood top. Perfect for our more industrial spaces!

This side table speaks the same language as the table above but has a slightly more modern feel. Love it!

Talk about modern! I love the X base and carved detail on the drawer of this cute little end table. 

I've always liked the effect of nesting tables. Layering and I are bff's and this totally is the layered version of furniture!

Lucky for you, I saved the best for last. LOVING these gold and black tray tables. I would totally go against my rule and buy two of these as a matching set for either side of the bed or a fancy couch. Christmas is coming...

So that's Target Tuesday, coming all the way to you from Las Vegas! Happy Tuesday and be sure to share any Target successes with me! 

(Please excuse the lack of formatting-we all know what a doll the blogger app can be...)


  1. Love the gold and black tables too!!!

    1. Maybe you should get them for a future little girl's room! :)

  2. I like those wood vases and the little wood and black side table! You're making me want to go to Target now and that never ends well...

    1. yeah Target is a black hole! It always gets you! Luckily I didn't buy anything on that trip! :)

  3. I just bought Patrick that desk for a recording setup and it goes perfectly with my apartment decor and it's super affordable! We loved it!



    1. Aw nice! Yeah I could totally see that in your apartment!


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