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Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!!

I'm linking up here today for my THIRD linkup in the history of my blog. Yay!

Mark and I had another busy night last night. We packed up probably 1/3 of our apartment and hauled it over to the new house. Since we haven't made a huge effort to collect boxes, we pulled an Emily and unloaded everything into the guest room (in piles) and brought the boxes back to the apartment for another round of packing. 

Like I said yesterday, it gets worse before it gets better!

I'm an expert packer!

Every square inch was being used!

After we unpacked 1/2 of the boxes...

...and the results! Heading home now!

My sister and her family are coming up tonight to see the new house! They are the last of our close family members to see it...tsk tsk. That's ok, my brother-in-law just bought a wet saw for his own tile job but I have a feeling I'll give him a chance to make up for their tardiness once we get started on the kitchen remodel. :)

My friend and work buddy Rachel is leaving for a cruise tomorrow and apart from me being jealous, I'm going to miss her all next week! We keep each other sane throughout the day since we both work alone in our offices. She is going to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It will be so fun!!!

Doggie shame. I am on eyedrops for the next couple of months due to my previously mentioned contact allergy. I picked up 3 bottles at CVS yesterday and then left them in their packaging, in a pharmacy bag, on a chair in my living room, behind some hefty wedges, and Motley found them while we were at the house and decided to rip everything to shreds. RIP one $25 bottle of eyedrops. Luckily the other bottles pulled out alive. Bad doggie. 

Not only did I brave the interwebs and do a semi-fashion post yesterday on the blog, but I went and took a few photos to remember some of my fashion spots in this apartment that I will need to recreate at the new house :

I loved having this little shoe sanctuary. I don't get to wear heels very often so I might as well make them look pretty when I'm not wearing them! (stay tuned for a blog shop post one of these days...I need to clean out my closet and some of these heels will be the first to go!)

All my nail polish, watches, perfumes, and some jewelry have this little spot on my dresser. Maybe I can find a spot for these in the guest room?

These little Fossil tins are great for organizing my loose jewelry!

So that's my five on friday! Link up with us or just check back next week for another update.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Moving is so exciting but so much work! Looks beautiful though, and adorable doggie!

    1. You're right, SO much work! Thankful for help, though. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I may not pack in the most efficient way but it gets the job done! Saves money from buying boxes too! Those destinations look amaaaazing. I'm jealous with you!

    1. Well at least we didn't have to pack/unpack multiple times in one day! The box situation worked out alright. I'm super jealous of you AND Rachel, you lucky vacationers!

  3. Motley's face is killing me!!! I just got rid of a ton of boxes, I wish I would have known when you were in C-town the other weekend, I would have sent them your way!



    1. Motley is out of control! She is loving her new yard, though! I think we did ok with our box situation. It wasn't too bad!

  4. Totally random, but I LOVE your rug! I also adore my Fossil tins. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks! It is from Ikea, and I've seen a few in the blog world! Thanks for reading! :)


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