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Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday vol. 3

It's Friday, so you know what that means...

Five on Friday! I'm linking up with April at A. Liz Adventures today!

I'm loving all of these inspirational quotes that I've pinned on my happiness board on Pinterest. Have I said lately how obsessed I am with Pinterest? I'm hoping to print a BUNCH of these and hang them around our house. Nothing like a good inspirational quote!

Loving who we are...

Motley is adjusting well to her new backyard. Whenever we come home she is always excited to see us and goes a little crazy, but after that she winds down for the night and ends up sleeping somewhere in the living room until we go to bed. I'm pretty sure she slept on the couch last night, though, which is a big no-no...

I'm jetting off to Las Vegas next week for work, so I'm going to be MIA from this blog for a couple of days. Maybe I can talk Mark into guest posting for me...ha!

I'm listening to Kidd Kraddick in the morning right now, without Kidd Kraddick. They have been back on the air now for two weeks, so that's normal. They are playing clips of Kidd's daughter Caroline and it's so sweet to relive everything! The radio community is still reeling from Kidd's death, however. Check out my post about it here

Here's Caroline, Big Al, and Kellie last night at the tribute to Kidd. 

It's the weekend!!! Just like the last few weekends, I have few plans except to work on the house. My parents are bringing over more items and my mom has requested lunch, I guess for their efforts of helping us move! What should I make? Anyone have any good summer recipes that are easy and don't require a microwave? Comment below with your recipe, please!


Happy Weekend!


  1. Do you have a crock pot??? Here's THE BEST pulled pork recipe ever...
    - a pork shoulder butt roast (usually 3+ lbs)
    - 2 cans of Dr. Pepper
    - 1 big onion
    - Big bottle of Original Sweet Baby Rays

    1) Put the roast in the crock pot
    2) Cut the onion into big wedges and put on top of the roast
    3) Pour in the two cans of Dr. Pepper (NOT DIET DP!!!)
    4) Cook on low 8+ hours or until the meat falls apart... probably on high 4-5??? You can't really overcook it.
    5) Drain off all the liquid, trim the fat and take the onions out.
    6) Pour in almost the whole bottle of bbq sauce and stir... the meat should pretty much shred itself

    I serve this on good burger buns, but you could serve it on any bread... add some chips and sliced fruit and you're good to go!!!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I've made that before! I'll definitely keep it in mind for tomorrow...Thanks for the tip!

  3. Love your pinterest board. I've been thinking about doing a wall full of quotes I love too....now to find the time! Glad to have found your blog today.

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Thanks Raj! I know, aren't quotes great? Thanks for reading!


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