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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dressing myself and my home

Alright, I overcame some fears last week and I'm back again today with a "what I wore Wednesday"! Today I'm linking up with miss Sarah at Tucker Up and sharing my laid back work outfit and also giving you a sneak peak of how my house is 'dressed' at the moment!

This is an outfit that I wear probably once every couple of weeks when the weather cools down. We had a storm and 'cold front' come in last night so it's expected to be in the 80's today! I decided that meant I could wear 3/4 sleeves so I went with my trusty lipstick red tunic from H&M (purchased about 2 years ago).

These jeans are from H&M as well, bought on a whim about a year ago. I've been really surprised at how much I like these $30 jeans. They are a great skinny jean and I love wearing them rolled up at the bottom, or tucked into boots in the fall and winter. The jeans also have a really slimming wash, which makes all the difference!

These shoes (Steve Madden) were the second pair I bought for my wedding. I had always had leopard in mind for my wedding shoes but thought they weren't 'wedding appropriate' so I bought some fuchsia sandals first. I put them on with my dress and HATED them! So I went with my heart and I bought these leopard flats with calf hair at Nordstrom and LOVED my choice. I wear them ALL the time and am constantly getting compliments. 


I've been really into bracelet stacking recently. These bangles are from C Wonder in New York, and my watch is Fossil, a birthday gift from my parents this year. The gold beads were just a quick pickup at Target, but I love wearing them!

Comfy, casual, and totally a "Diana" outfit. 

Mark and I have been working hard since the weekend trying to settle into our home. We have 90% of the boxes unpacked and hauled to the recycle bin, but the organization still has a while to go! I'll do a full post of our progress once we are more settled, but here are some sneak peeks of how things look as of last night...

Like I thought, I'm loving the mint color in the guest room slash my office. We have a full size bed to go in here, but we do not have a mattress yet so the frame is in the garage at the moment. 

Motley has been wearing herself out during the day by playing outside, so she is cuddly and sleepy by the time Mark and I get home. So far her favorite spot to lay is in the living room, so she can see all the action.

Here is  an example of how I have brought color and pattern into my living room. Heather doubted me by my neutral walls and furniture, but as it's coming together, I'm glad I didn't do too much color because so many of my accessories make that statement for me! (sorry for the grainy photo)

Thanks for tuning in! We are halfway through the week...see you tomorrow!


  1. Those shoes....I am dying!!

    PS: I got your email about what school district, etc., and your blog account is set as a "no-reply" blogger, so I can't respond to you! Once you change your settings email me again so I can reply!

    Go here to see how to change that: http://hisugarplum.blogspot.com/2012/02/heres-bloggy-tip-for-you.html to

  2. Lookin' good! If y'all are going to be there this weekend maybe Griffin and I will come down there to see the progress... we'll leave the crazies at home :)


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