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Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

Hello again! I'm linking up today for five on Friday!


Here is the link-up if you want to join in on the fun!

It's my first link-up, so let me know how I do!

I'm loving that I got to have dinner with my cousins last night. We had a nice time chatting and we are so happy to have Melanie back in town! We promised to get together more often now that we are all living in the DFW metroplex.

My mind is racing about painting and fixing up the house this weekend. I know that's mostly what I talk about on this blog, but I'm crazy about it! I hope to really see the feel of the house turn a corner this weekend. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is my friend Emily's birthday! She is heading up to Austin for the TxSC blogger conference and I'm anxious to see and hear all about it! She is going with her friend Sarah and Kassie. Check them out!


I just got back from an eye appointment and it turns out I'm allergic to the brand of contacts I've been wearing. My mind is on it because I just found out and the doctor said I can't wear contacts for at least 6 months. I'm looking into these prescription sunglasses in the meantime!

My parents are currently cruising in Alaska and it's super weird to not really be able to reach them! They come back this weekend and I'm excited to get to share all of the news about the house and for them to come and see it for the first time!

Well there you go, that's my five on Friday! Link up  with us and tell us about your current loves or things occupying your mind! Thanks for reading!


  1. This is fun! I wish I had time to participate today but I'll have to wait until next Friday's!

    1. It is fun! I just wish I had more to share that no one knows about already...haha! Next time...it will be fun for you to join in!

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  3. I love those sunglasses. Super cute! And you def need them if you are going to be sans contacts for 6 months!


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