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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Venturing out into the unknown

Last night, Mark got in some much needed disc golf (he is having withdrawals) and I stayed home and did some part-relaxing, part-cleaning and packing. I got so much done around the house yet it was still a low-key night at home, which I have been craving over the last couple of weeks. 

Here's the photo I posted to Instagram last night. It seems like it always gets worse before it gets better when you are packing! Also, if anyone in the Dallas area knows of any moving boxes laying around, please let me know! We are a little short, considering all boxes we currently have are in the photo above.

Since we are in the midst of packing, cleaning, and moving, I don't have much to write about regarding the new house. There are projects still in the works, but they are just incomplete at the moment so I'm going to hold off on sharing those.

In the meantime, I thought I would try something new and put myself out there for criticism. While this blog is by no means a style blog and I don't consider myself a fashion blogger AT ALL, I wanted to link up with this newly discovered blog and do a fashion post. I finally managed to get my hair straightened last night after over a week of crazy hair, and I actually dressed nice today because I plan to go get my driver's license renewed today at lunch. I am finally changing my name and address, y'all!

Anyway, here goes!

excuse the office photo!

Also, I just used my iPhone camera so these fall even further out of the 'style blogger' category. Interesting fact: everything I'm wearing is from Target. Yes, even down to my nail polish and glasses, everything (with the exception of my Fossil watch and C Wonder bracelet) is from my favorite Tar-jay. Obviously I'm a successful fashion blogger because of my extremely luxurious taste in clothes.

Well, that is slightly embarrassing but I wanted to change it up a bit and make myself a little more human. Plus, there aren't as many photos of me on this blog so consider this a little introduction to my readers that don't know me personally.

Don't forget to check out the style link up (I'm a day late) on Tucker Up

Happy Thursday!


  1. You look adorable! Love the skirt :)

    1. Thanks Adie! I guess an iron would have done me good this morning, hmm? haha

  2. Cute! Gotta love Target :) outfit posts get easier as you go so don't be afraid to keep them coming!

    1. Target is my zone. I often find myself wearing complete Target outfits! haha

  3. I love the outfit! And I can totally see you wearing your knee high brown boots with it in the fall!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I definitely will have to pull out the boots, tights, and scarves with this outfit, I was just thinking that this morning!

  4. Girl, you are adorable! You better be linking up with me again! I LOVE those wedges, and the skirt...basically the whole outfit.

    So happy you linked up with me, and now I have a new blog to stalk :)

    Have a great day!

    Sarah @ Tucker Up


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