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Monday, August 12, 2013

Our weekend...

...if you want to call it that! I feel like I worked all weekend, mostly because I did. 

Friday night, Mark and I took Motley and a few items over the house and then headed to Fuzzy's down the street to meet up with my sister, her husband, and her two kids. Right when we got there, they noticed my niece was breaking out in a rash and she was screaming! About 30 minutes later they had determined that she had 'hand, foot, and mouth' disease. Poor baby! They still came over to the house to see it and we chatted for awhile and laughed at Noah's 'selfies' on his LeapPad. 

Sick little baby!

Saturday morning Mark and I drove over to Fort Worth for brunch at my aunt's house while my dad's oldest sister was in town visiting. I happened to check the invitation while we were on our way and it turns out it started at 10:30am rather than 10am, like I had thought. So we decided to stop at Petco to pass the time. Look at these cute little mice! 

He was posing.

After brunch, we headed home to pack up some more and went to the house to help my dad unload some items that he brought from my parent's house, including a lawn mower!

Like I said before, my parents are giving us a bedroom suite and a table and chairs, so my dad brought over the bedroom furniture and some other things my mom wanted to get out of her house.

Heather (my trusty assistant) and I then headed to Ace Hardware to pick up some paint (free this weekend!) to get started on the dresser.

We painted the 6 drawer dresser white, took out the top drawers and painted inside. I will be on the hunt for some long skinny baskets soon. Do you know of a good place to find baskets?

Heather brought Edward over on Saturday and he and Motley channeled Lady and the Tramp with this stick.

On Sunday we continued packing and Mark's dad brought over a truck to start taking the 'big items' over. This took a little longer than expected because the truck blew a tire about 2 exits away from our apartment, after it was loaded up and en route to the house. Since this wasn't his truck, things got complicated and he didn't show up with the first load until about 3:30pm! Bless him!

The boxes started coming in...so did the fridge!

I need help with how I should paint this mirror frame...Suggestions? TBD on where it will end up.

And lastly, a sneak peak at our progress!

The house is nowhere near complete, and there is still some packing to do at the apartment. We did spend our first night at the house on Sunday night and everything went well! Cheers to new beginnings!

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  1. I have a really similar mirror that I'm going to paint as well (it was a cheap Craigslist find). I was originally thinking I wanted a mercury-glass type finish, but now I think I might do a navy blue instead... I'll be interested to see what you choose!
    Also, idk about you, but my mirror is HUGE and super heavy, like 25 lbs. so hanging it should be an adventure!

    1. Yeah, this mirror came along with the dresser that we were painting white but I'm choosing to just hang it on the wall. Mercury glass could be fun! I'm still totally on the fence because I don't even know where it's going to end up, which determines the finish, of course. Thanks for reading!


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