wonderfully made: Labor Day weekend and Target Tuesday bliss!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day weekend and Target Tuesday bliss!

I LIIIVVEEEEE for long weekends. They are such a great little treat every so often. I love them because skipping a Monday workday always works out for the best. Plus, it makes for just a 4 day work week, and who doesn't like that?

We made sure to mix in a little fun and a little relaxation to our weekend. Check it out:

Friday night Mark and I headed to Fuzzy's (where else?) to watch the first half of the Texas Tech vs. SMU game. I was super pumped for the game due to a) my post from Friday (check it here if you missed it!) and b) this was an away game, played here in Dallas, and I happen to work about 1/2 of a mile from the SMU campus so as I left work on Friday, I watched as droves of Tech fans crowded the stadium.

A high school and college friend posted this on their Facebook during the week and I couldn't help but crack up. It's the SMU 'mustang' mascot on the left and the Texas Tech Masked Rider mascot on the right. Clear winner, right?

Saturday, we managed to get ourselves locked out of the house before heading to Home Depot. Long story on how it happened, but we ended up tearing off part of the doorknob to get it unlocked! R.I.P. one carefully ORBed doorknob.

After we successfully broke into our house (but then quickly secured it again) we headed to Home Depot. Mark decided he wanted to re-do our back flowerbed so I went along for the ride. We ended up with all of this!

I came across this super cool light fixture that I have in mind for the breakfast area. Maybe one day...

We did lots of this on Saturday afternoon...

We headed down the highway on Sunday night for a date night at Alamo Drafthouse. We saw Elysium and it was alright...super gory, but it did keep my attention, so that says something!

I worked on some crafts during my quiet time this weekend, and I was happy to finish before it ended! The first was this super easy burlap wreath. I'm hoping to change out the ribbon and maybe add a few things as the seasons change. I'll try for a DIY post one day!

I scored these cut-off shorts a few years ago at the resale shop called Buffalo Exchange. They had been cut off prior to being sold, but the previous owner did a really bad job and they were awkward and constantly getting shorter. Finally, I decided to add some natural colored lace to the bottom to make them a little longer. Love them so far!

I headed over to my parent's house in Arlington on Monday for a pool party and I snapped a few pictures of my dad's cat Debbie (long story on the name) who is 16 years old and hanging on for dear life! She was a hermit most of her life but she is actually quite pleasant now!

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ALSO - lest you thought I forgot - it's time for another Target Tuesday!!!

How sweet are these ottomans?! I love an ottoman. They are perfect for an extra seat, a footstool, a coffee table, a cat bed, anything! I like the blue one in the middle on the top!

Sorry for the finger shot! This mirror is super cool. It has that industrial vibe without being too rustic. It looks like something you might pick up at an antique fair!

I've seen these items all over the Internet. I'm pretty sure the price listed is for two, which isn't bad at all! Again, Target is running with the industrial vibe!

Can I say how much I LOVE Threshold frames?! They are so fun, eclectic, unexpected, and pretty. Target does great in the frame department!

Target also has some awesome lamps. I love that they have so many fun shade options, like the textured one above. Also, they have a bunch of clear bases that you can style on their own or with items (like the classic seashells-cheesy, but good if done right!) inside for a house with a more obvious theme.

As always, I'm loving Target! Did you score any Labor Day deals? I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and relaxing weekend!

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  1. Your shorts came out really cute! Aaaand you need to post a picture of the progress made in the back yard now :) Looks like you had a good long weekend!

    1. I'll post one as soon as I can! It's not finished and we probably won't have a chance to finish until the end of the week, but I promise I'll post!!!

  2. hey!!! I am from Dallas! I missed the SMU game this friday ( I went to school there!) but was cheering them on! Just now found your blog and am following! Love the shorts!
    Helene in Between

    1. Too bad we were cheering for different teams! Thanks for reading! Checking out your blog stat!

  3. LOVE your blog! It's so cute :)
    I made a fall wreath this weekend as well! I'm so excited to put up the rest of my fall decor. And those shorts with the lace? Adorable!

    And can I just say that I'm obsessed with the fact that you do a Target Tuesday?? You are my new best friend!

  4. Target looks amazing!

    We need this in the UK!

    Hmm maybe...


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