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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Our babymoon desination is...

...back to where it (sort of) all started! Mark is a neighbor from our north; he hails from America's hat. He's a canuck through and through! 

The stars have aligned for us and because of some very generous family members, we are heading up north this summer to visit Toronto and the surrounding lakes. Mark was born in Alberta but moved around quite a bit before his family moved to the U.S. He hasn't been back to visit Canada in a long time so this will be fun for both of us!

We're actually traveling with my parents because we got a pretty sweet deal out of it so don't be surprised when you see them in photos! 

We are flying into Toronto and staying there for one night. I'm hoping we can get a small taste of the city. Are there are must-see's while we are there for a few hours? So far I've got my eye on High Park and the art museum...

After our short stint in Toronto (and my parent's visit to Niagara Falls) we are heading east to the land of the lakes (or at least it looks like there are a lot of lakes!) to stay at a family owned cabin. From what I've seen, it looks secluded, quiet, and gorgeous! It's right on the water so we'll be grilling, sunning on the deck, and those that are brave enough might even do some watersports. 

I can't imagine what June weather is like in Canada but I have a feeling it won't be hot enough to swim! We are super excited about this international and relaxing babymoon!

If you know the area, I'd love to hear some tips! 

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