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Thursday, February 5, 2015

ways we save

Hey y'all! I've been really open in the past with our money routine and the ways we budget and pay down debt. I used to be horrible at handling money, even just 2 years ago right when we were getting married. I pretty much had no savings and carried a balance on a high-interest credit card when we got married. My ultra-frugal husband, along with some sense that comes with growing up, has turned me into a money-conscious freak! I'm not an extreme couponer, but I've learned so much in just the last two years about managing our money better. I'm excited to keep learning and stacking my savings in the years to come, because I really believe it can get better!

For some odd reason, I really like writing about this topic and I really like sharing it with you guys. I feel like it's our little secret and we can all take over the world with our savings. I started a new post with a ton of different tips and ways that we save money, but I've decided to break it down into a few parts to make it easier for y'all to get through.

So today I'm talking about my other lover - Target! (my condolences to all of my Canadian readers) Read below for ways we save at the best store in America:

(and here are some posts in the past I've done about Target)

the Target REDcard

I finally FINALLY signed up for the Target REDcard about a year ago. It's embarrassing how much I go to Target and the extra 5% cash back has made up the difference between a 'to buy or not to buy' dilemma a time or two. ;) Here's a secret: sign up for the DEBIT card to avoid getting yourself into even more trouble. It's linked to our bank account and automatically debits a day or two after we make a purchase. Also, once you sign up, go online and sign up to have a portion of your purchases go to help a school in your area! I'm signed up for the elementary school down the street from our house. It's so cool that you can personalize it!

Along with offering 5% cash back, you get free standard shipping and an extended return period with your red card. I must have saved HUNDREDS of dollars with the red card! It's free to sign up and you can do it online here! Go sign up!!!

Target Cartwheel

This one is a no-brainer. It's an app for your phone that offers coupons. Things range from 5-50% off and there is a built-in bar code scanner that you can just use in the checkout line (like me) if you forget to look before hand. It will tell you if there is a coupon for your item! Check out this pouf I got for a steal with my redcard/cartwheel combo.

Target Promotions

A new thing I've noticed in the stores is that Target will put up signs for promotions where you have to text a number to get the coupon. I've done it twice, once on clothing and once on bedding and bath - and ended up saving $50! That promotion was 10% off a $50 purchase or 25% off a $100 purchase. We needed lots of new bedding and bath things, plus there were multiple offers on cartwheel, PLUS I always save 5% with my redcard. OH YEAH, our town just banned plastic bags so we have to bring re-usable bags. Guess what? Target gives you a $.05 discount for every bag you bring in, no matter where you live!

Seriously, you guys, it's too easy to save at Target!!!

If you have other tips on Target or any other ways you save elsewhere, please share with me! I'd love to see what else is out there and pass them on in my next segment of 'ways we save'. I'll be talking about where we get groceries, Amazon, shopping for clothes, and getting points and cash back on our purchases. Y'all come back!

(I promise I'm in no way sponsored by Target! I just love it!)

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