wonderfully made: Target Tuesday & scarves galore!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Target Tuesday & scarves galore!

It's Tuesday!

I have a tiny dose of Target Tuesday here for you just because I was inspired while running through the aisles the other day. 

As if we weren't already obsessed with Nate Berkus from Oprah, he has totally brought style to Target. How awesome is this end cap!? I'm dying over the black and gold pillow. I could use every single one of those items in my house. love it!

I'm venturing away from Target for a bit to drool over this Ikea chair. I would LOVE this red-orange chair without the ottoman to come live with me. I would pet it and keep it safe and comfy and love it forever. Please?

I'm sorry for the lack of Target finds this Tuesday, but I have some news that will hopefully be good for everyone!

My mom taught me to crochet when I was younger and since then it's been my go-to down time hobby in the fall. I go crazy crocheting up a storm and watching football in the fall and then I reap the benefits of all the scarves I've made when it finally cools down in Texas...around December. 

This fall, I'm giving you the opportunity to reap the benefits too! I've decided to sell my skills and I'm offering to make custom 'cowls' for anyone who is interested. Here are some of my scarves/cowls that I sport during Autumn, Winter, and Spring:

These are easily my favorite winter items. They are just a big loop so you don't have the pesky scarf ends getting uneven or wrapped around anything. They are super soft and SUPER warm so you don't have to always wear the chunky sweater to keep you warm (keeping your neck warm helps the rest of your body warm up). I love how I can throw on a large coat or jacket and not have to worry about futzing with my scarf to make it look right. This cowl always stays in the right place and looks good!

I can custom make these in any color, or size, with stripes, fringe, etc. The starting price is $30 and only $20 if you supply the yarn. I can turn them over in a week or less!

These are great for keeping you warm at college football games, adding something to your outfit on a chilly day, and throwing on to keep you super warm during those snowy days. 

I can also do infinity scarves, which is a continuous circle that is just longer so you can wrap it twice around your neck.

Comment here or email me at dmariebuchananATgmailDOTcom for any questions or if you're interested and I'd be happy to help you gear up for Fall!


  1. All that Nate Berkus stuff is great! The man can do no wrong!

    I love to crochet, so relaxing and rewarding in the end when you get to see what you've created :)

  2. I always want SOMETHING from the Nate Berkus line at Target. He's just so smart ;D

    I'll be asking you to crochet me a scarf soon. They look so pretty!


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