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Thursday, February 19, 2015

spring shopping style

I'm totally a seasonal shopper. I can't predict when the urge will hit, but I'll go months without finding any inspiration in shopping but then BAM! suddenly I find a ton of stuff that I need/want and I go on a shopping spree. 

This happened last weekend at Old Navy. They are usually hit or miss, but they are hitting BIG for me right now. I picked up two pairs of flats (both of which I was recently on the hunt for - specifically colored loafers) and my FIRST maternity top! I had to tear myself away from a lot of other items but I browsed online and found lots of other things that would totally work for me right now. I'm loving pastels, florals, navy, and of course - stripes - right now! See anything you like?

linen blazer - so chic!

Navy striped flats (in yellow in stores - too!)

oh, hi. I'll be living in you this summer. All day, every day!

I bought this top and I can't wait to see a little bump in it!

dot-trim tops (LOVED these in person and had to talk myself out of them...for now)

Happy Shopping!!!

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