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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's back!

I'm ending my longest non-blogging streak since July with a much needed Target Tuesday! Christmas is fast approaching so if you're like me and like to get your shopping done early (I'm over halfway done already!) maybe you will see a thing or two for one of your loved ones. Or, maybe there's just something you HAVE to have yourself!

If you're joining in with me for the first time today, I like to do a feature called Target Tuesdays. I am in NO way sponsored by Target or asked to write this for them (I wish!) I just like to see what great new things they have and celebrate it here on the blog. Thanks for reading!

These baby wooden fox are so cute! I can see these in a nature-themed nursery or on a shelf in a cool office. 

This deco bowl is awesome! Roughed up inside...

...and spiffed up outside! No one can sneak up on you with this one! (note my reflection)

I'm a sucker for baskets and this Threshold one is perfect for holding toys, towels, and blankets!

I was seriously impressed with this take on folding chairs. How fun are these!?

The fun punched design means no wet seats in rainy weather!

I've seen these 3-D letters all over, so snaps for Target to catching on. Pro tip - if red isn't your color, just spray paint it and make it original!

Same goes for this ampersand. Who doesn't love an ampersand!?

I could see this distressed chalkboard frame/wire basket next to the back door with notes and menus on it. Love!

And HOW COOL are these mugs?! At $6.99, these are great teacher gifts and small gifts for friends. Even ADAM loved them! : )

D is for Deal!

Know what this is?

A sweet acrylic tray!

Target was SPOT ON with these awesome graphic trays. 

As always, I was enamored with the frames. Can't go wrong! I love the little one the most. :)

I've had my eye on this set for a while...these are so awesome! I would put flour, sugar, and doggie treats in these! :) 

I hope you saw something you liked! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Target is just the best! I've had my eye on that ampersand for a while and I loooove those canisters in the last pic. It's so hard to keep myself from buying it all!

  2. I want every single item on this list and I'll be going to Target now after work to see what they got! Thanks for sharing. I love these posts.

  3. All these items are amzing. Just as well we don't have a target here, ptherwise I would be broke...lol.

    Mel's Corner

  4. Ugh, we need target over here!

    Hmm maybe...


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