wonderfully made: five on friday : 2015, vol. 2

Friday, February 20, 2015

five on friday : 2015, vol. 2

It's five on Friday time! I'm linking up with April here. Read on, my friends!


Be sure to check out my post from yesterday on all of the goodies that Old Navy has right now! I picked up these shoes for a steal and I love them both SOOO much! 


I spent some much needed time cleaning up and organizing on my day off on Monday. I even put away my new shoes!


Do you see my pretty birthday gift in this picture? :) This is one reason my blogging has picked up recently. My awesome parents and sweet husband got me this macbook air and I LOVE it. It's made working on my Etsy stuff so much more fun!


I'm pretty sure our dog has multiple personalities. She can be mean and vicious and has given Mark plenty of battle wounds (all in fun, of course) but then at night she cuddles up and is the sweetest dog ever. She is also quite sweet (while also impatient) whenever we have food. I sent this picture to Mark this week when he was out of town on business. She thought my Jimmy Johns was for her!


I have no shame. I bought this dress to do bump pictures in and I tried it on the other night. I sent my sister and my cousin this picture and said "if I slouch and push my stomach out, I look pregnant! Does this count?" Since they are both seasoned veterans, I believe their response was "LOL NO." Awesome. So yeah, I'm not really showing yet, in case you were wondering!

Happy Weekend!!!

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