wonderfully made: making the case for donuts

Thursday, February 26, 2015

making the case for donuts

I didn't really keep track of all of my symptoms of early pregnancy, but I did have the foresight to jot down some things during my 6th week. I'm 13 weeks now and I'm glad to say I'm pretty much over the "I feel like crap" hump. Right at about 7 weeks, I started feeling super bad pretty much every day and even worse at night.

donuts always sound good, though...

I think I'll do weekly bump dates (once I get a bump and once I get around to taking pictures) but for now, here are a little tidbits from about 7 weeks ago!

my 11 week "blump"

my 11 week lime!

My thoughts approaching week six:

-       I have never wanted a sandwich more in my life (I'm trying to cut back on deli meat and soft cheeses)
-       I’ve successfully gone one day without caffeine (in the form of a coke)
-       Laaaaazzzzyyyyyy – I have to take advantage of my one hour of productivity when I can. This week it was Thursday night at 7pm. Dinner made and puzzle from last week put up = success!
-       The excitement is starting to wear off – not in a bad way! Just that I’m not thinking about it constantly and my ‘symptoms’ are pretty non-existent. Trying to focus on other things during these few months before it gets real and I start showing and having to hide it more!
-       I was offered a sonogram with my old doctor this week but I turned it down because I already have one scheduled for January 26th. I feel like most people would jump at the chance for an early sonogram but I am pretty sure I would just be disappointed because there shouldn’t be much to see on a sonogram at 5 weeks. I find it weird that I’m so at peace at having to wait another two weeks for this all to be REALLY ‘real’. I told Mark we would hear the heartbeat at my appointment and he goes “Whoa. It’s all sounding real now.” Haha poor guy…
-       I’m starting to mention all the really not-fun things I’m going to have to go through to grow and then birth this child to Mark. His look of disgust/astonishment each time kind of helps me cope… 

our baby!

lunch time naps in the car were sometimes needed...

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