wonderfully made: Target Tuesday is back!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Target Tuesday is back!

That's right, Target Tuesday is back! I don't always have tons of material for these posts but when I do, I promise to share! If you're new here, I like to share things I find at Target simply because I love Target like every other human on earth. It's nothing special and I don't post any big secrets, it's just fun things that I find and like to share!

So first of all, there was this:

Surely an unfortunate choice on Target's behalf to make these.

And then there were these:

And then, all at the same store, this:

Seriously? So funny! I saw them at 70% off a few weeks after this so I hope you guys held out for the deep discounts!

Here's another end cap I found on sale. I was tempted to go for those red and white frames, but I held strong!

I also came across this stool and spent about 3 minutes wondering if the sale price was worth the crooked leg. 

It wasn't.

So this is why I haven't been doing Target Tuesday regularly:

Not much excitement going on. Surely they are losing business with all of those empty shelves?

Anyway, I stopped in over the weekend and found a way better selection. I finally bought some curtains for our master bedroom and will be revealing those soon!

Also, Threshold and Nate Berkus have done WONDERS for Target. I always love their stuff!

I really do love this tribal/hippie looking woven stuff, but I'm holding out for a deeper discount. Really!

I was actually shopping the other day and cut through the candy aisle and saw this cute yarn-wrapped tree. It was enough to make me stop and think about how ridiculous it would be to buy an Easter tree, but it was SO cute! It would probably be a really easy DIY, so if you need an Easter tree, here's a good source!

So that is what I've been loving at Target recently. Happy Tuesday!

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