wonderfully made: Target Tuesday : Christmas Edition

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Target Tuesday : Christmas Edition

It's Tuesday, so that means it's TARGET Tuesday! I've got some special Christmas or Holiday items to share today. Target has a unique way of approaching the holidays and I really like their products!

I had to seriously fight the urge to buy one of these warm mulled cider candles. They smelled SO good. The packaging was super cute and reminded me of what you would see in a fancy boutique. Way to go, Target!

I thought these bags were super cute! They weren't exactly in a Christmas theme, but they coordinated with some other Christmas items that were brightly colored. I'd love to get a gift in one of these bags!

These bowls were super cute, and they were dog and cat bowls! I bet someone out there is using them creatively for candy or something!

I also really wanted to buy the origami ornaments for Motley this year but at $7.99 I decided they were a little too steep for an ornament...for a dog. Regardless, they are super cute!

I love this rustic / campy theme that Target has going on. I could see all of this stuff in a woodsy lodge!

These were really cute, festive, but still simple.

I probably wouldn't buy these, but they reminded me so much of some homemade felt ornaments and decorations that my mom had while we were growing up. Too funny!

I like this twist on the snow globe! Who says it has to be round?

I saw these in the Target AD and I reallllly love these red baskets. If I had a wood fireplace, I would have totally snatched one up to put my logs in. 

That's it for today! Do you buy your holiday decorations at Target? Share if you do!


  1. I love those candles! I have the one that smells like a Christmas tree and it's amaaaazing :) I haven't actually started burning it yet, waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  2. Seriously, Target takes it up a notch with every season.

    I want all of their Christmas stuff.

  3. Target in ON POINT with their holiday stuff this year, and this post makes me want to go pay them a visit =) ...Just stumbled on your blog, your space here is way cute! =)

  4. Thanks for visiting! When is Target NOT on point?! :)

  5. Let's buy them out!

  6. yummmm I need to get one! I'm proud of you for suppressing your Christmas desires until after Thanksgiving. atta girl!


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