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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

a weekend full of work

I had a nice three day weekend and got quite a bit done! I spent Friday with my Mom picking out nursery fabric and visiting my cousin and her new baby. On Saturday, Mark and I split up our house chores and I painted the nursery while he worked in the yard. Sunday we spent Easter with my family and my sister's in-laws in Burleson. It was a great spring weekend, which was made obvious by my constant need to take allergy medicine and blow my nose. 

Before I left on Friday morning, I got to witness the huntress in her element...

She LOVES squirrels and goes bonkers when we say the word, but she has never caught one. My parent's dog (a hand-me-down from me) used to tree and catch squirrels multiple times a week, but I'm kind of glad Motley doesn't have that skill!

Anyway, I only managed to catch pictures of my portion of the work on Saturday, which included cleaning and hanging my grandparent's 60+ year old original sputnik light. They recently sold their house and I was super lucky to get this light out of their entryway. It was pretty dusty and dirty after being used for so long so I polished it up a bit with some vinegar and water solution along with the ketchup scrub...something I read about on Pinterest! It still isn't gleaming, but I kind of like the patina of it. 



Mark also came in to offer his muscles and tear off the baseboards before I painted. We had some extra baseboards left over from our floor remodel so I figured while we were working on this room, we should change out the baseboards here too. We plan to replace the hall trim in the future as well.

Up next was tape and paint! We use Behr flat paint and it's zero VOC so it is safe for pregnant women. I guess Mark felt confident in that so he 'let' me do all of the painting by myself. He despises painting and I really don't mind it (it really doesn't take THAT long) so I spent a couple of hours getting rid of the mint in the room. 

I chose Irish Mist lightened by 50%.

I wanted a REALLY light calming grey but I think I got it a little TOO light and it looks white. I'm okay with it, though, and it just means I'm going to have to brainstorm a little more about the accent wall in here. More to come on that later...

Like I said, as I was painting the room, Mark was outside for quite a few hours working on our flower beds. He came inside to watch a movie and I sent this to my friends about 5 minutes later...

He slept for the next 12 hours. 

And THAT was our weekend! Check back later for the nursery inspiration and even later for the nursery reveal! Happy Tuesday!

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