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Monday, April 13, 2015

my new look

You might notice I have a new look! Yep, the second trimester has been treating me well and I had the energy to give the blog a good spring cleaning. I'm still tweaking a ton of things but I changed my header, profile image, links, and added a search bar! Patience is key as I'm teaching myself HTML and finding my design groove, but I'm liking how it's coming! 

While I'm talking about new looks, I have to share with you my new specs:

I got glasses in fourth grade after I wore my sister's glasses for a full day because I thought that looked cool. After that, I noticed I could see the chalkboard a LOT clearer when I put my friend's glasses on! I couldn't wait for the day in 8th grade that I got contact lenses. I could finally wear sunglasses!

Contacts haven't always been kind to me, though. My eyes got worse quickly and I had an issue in high school where I had to wear my glasses for the whole fall semester...not fun when you're sweating it out all semester in marching band! I hated it.

Fast forward to two years ago when I had all sorts of trouble with my contacts. Two doctors and a lot of eye drops later, it turns out I was allergic to my contacts. Yep, ALLERGIC to my contacts. That was horrible news! The sentencing was worse: I had to wear glasses for 6 months straight so my eyes could heal. This was in the middle of summer (sunglasses season!) and it was really hard to get used to it.

My eyes healed and I can wear contacts again but I try to give them a rest every once in awhile. I just wish I knew about Firmoo two years ago when I spent $300 on prescription lenses.

Firmoo is an online glasses supplier with trendy frames to choose from. Whether you're a frameless person or a 1950's cat eye person, they have something for you. It's so easy! Just go to their website, select your frames, and then enter the prescription information from your doctor. You can even insert your pupil distance and face size so the fit is just right. Even upload a picture of yourself to virtually try them on!

Since getting my glasses last month, I've found myself reaching for the frames more than my contacts every morning. They are so lightweight and comfortable, plus I've gotten so many compliments on them! Mark LOVES me in glasses so he was a fan from the start. I've gotten compliments from coworkers and even from a stranger in the restaurant bathroom!

The best part is this - the frames are all under $70! The frames I wear are $36, and you can get your basic lenses for just an additional $30. Tell me where else you can find a great pair of glasses for under $70?! You know I love a deal, and Firmoo is offering 50% off of two frames right now as part of their Easter sale, no exclusions! 

If you're a four-eyes like me, you know you can't beat this deal. The next time you need eye glasses, give Firmoo a try! I love my new look!

my glasses were provided by Firmoo but all images and opinions are my own. Thank you, Firmoo!

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