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Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday - all of the things

I'm enjoying a much needed day off today (Good Friday) and spending time with my mom! I have tons on my to-do list for the weekend but I'll be surprised if I even get half of it done. Oh well! Here's my week for five on Friday:


First and foremost, thank you ALL for your sweet comments yesterday on my very real post. I'm not a very serious or emotional or sharing person in real life, but I do have some serious, emotional thoughts. I have been silently struggling with the nagging worry that SO many women deal with and it felt great to just open up to conversation about it and make myself vulnerable for a teensy moment. I realize I am SO blessed with good health and (so far) a successful, non-complicated pregnancy and my heart goes out to women that have struggled and are still struggling. I so appreciate every kind word, so thank you!!!


When I was gathering thoughts for this post, I figured I would combine all baby related things into one item on the five on Friday list but quickly realized I'm about 90% baby right now. I really want to continue to offer y'all a variety of content (and I will! Like yard work and house stuff!) but right now baby consumes my thoughts and my life...and since this is my blog, I want to write about it! So bear with me. :)

Speaking of baby, he is definitely growing in there. He's the size of a sweet potato right now:

(I chose the smallest sweet potato I could find!)

Most days I look like I ate too many potatoes, but some days there is a nice bump if I stand just right...

I wore a dress 3 out of 5 days this week and it is SO much more comfortable. Excuse my random bathroom pictures, but that's what you're getting! I grabbed the dress below on sale at Old Navy and I'm thinking it may be a staple. I have a little growing to do to fill it out though! (post coming soon on where I'm finding maternity clothes for a steal!)

Just for context, here I am at 16, 17, and 18 weeks:


Baby's room.

So far, we've switched a full bed for a disassembled crib and we got the rug I ordered. That's all that has been done. Well, if you don't count the swatches of 4 different paints on the wall.

Anyway, I nabbed this rug for $75 on Overstock and I just unrolled it for giggles in the room. After an intense inspection, Motley just plopped down on it. It's funny that she did this because A) she usually follows us around wherever we go and B) she prefers our bed or the couch when she sleeps. She laid here for a few hours!

I think she approves!

We are (I am) also choosing a paint color. You'll see my nursery inspiration next week, but I'm wanting a creamy welcoming SUPER light neutral on the wall. We have Behr Dolphin Fin in our kitchen, living room, and hallway so I tried Irish Mist, the lightest grey on the same color card, and it was still a little too dark. I got a sample of Nude, Silver Leaf, and Irish Mist lightened by 50% but haven't gotten a chance to make the decision yet. The trim will be the ultra white, which I put on the left side of the samples for reference. Anyone have any experience with these colors?


Baby stuff.

As I've mentioned, I'm a stickler for a deal. I've already registered at a few places but I'm constantly getting texts from my sister with trade items on a baby Facebook group or scouring craigslist "just to see" what they have. I came across this listing last week: a 4moms mamaroo (a super fancy space-age swing/rocker that's all the rage right now) and a rock n' play sleeper. The seller said his daughter loved both and they honestly both look brand new. Mark and I drove to Corinth to pick them up and I was giddy! I believe Mark said "it's real now"...anyway, I scored them both for $140 (the mamaroo alone retails for $280 as shown) and I plan to use them gently and consign them when I'm done with them.

(a celebratory stop at Sonic was essential)

When we got home, we just HAD to test out the mamaroo...

Both of the cats got rides but Kitty LOVED it, surprisingly. She sat there with it moving for at least 5 minutes and didn't get up until Mark shook her food bowl and fed her. Hilarious! Don't worry, we've since put something blocking it so they don't learn to lay in the mamaroo unattended. Anyway, it works perfectly and Mark and I both wish they made one in adult sizes! Forget a tempurpedic, I want an adult sized mamaroo!

I was supposed to get a rock n play passed down to me but this one was just SO CUTE!!! I couldn't resist!

Anyway, I have officially STOPPED buying baby things. I know sweet friends and family will be showering us with gifts and clothes and all sorts of things so I'm taking a break from the impulse baby buys. 


I had the pleasure of filling out one of these lovely forms this week...

It's about time I get my passport renewed after being a Buchanan for over 2 years! Even though my passport was valid, I have to pay the full fee to have my name changed on it and I'm under the gun because we just booked a trip to Mark's homeland in June! Yes, we are going to Canada!

I'll share more about the upcoming trip later, but I'm excited for a semi baby-moon and the chance to visit Canada. I've been in the U.S. all of my life and I've never visited either of our border countries, can you believe it??

Happy Friday to all, and I hope you have a great Easter weekend spent with family and friends!

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