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Monday, January 11, 2016

then and now | nursery update

Back in July, I revealed Beau's (or 'baby B' as we called him at the time) nursery. I had spent a lot of time thinking and dreaming about his nursery and I loved how it turned out. However, I knew that it would have to evolve with Beau and tweaks would be made to make it as baby-friendly as possible. It's fun to compare my mindset then with my mindset now, so here's his (functioning) nursery today:

I am happy to say that the wire bin I found has served us SO WELL for diaper and hanging storage. About 50 diapers fit in there so I'm restocking it about every week but I really like the function as well as the look. I hadn't thought about how much I would need to have hanging storage but this is the perfect place for bags, blankets, and the occasional outfit when I'm having Mark dress him. My super talented aunt Janet made the Beau sign and I LOVE it. The natural wood matches the rest of the wood in the room just perfectly and I knew exactly where I wanted it to go when she gifted it to us. 

I just cleaned out his orange wire toy bins this week (and made a toy basket in the living room) but they have filled up SO fast. I think I've bought Beau a total of 3 toys and the rest have been gifts. He is blessed with lots of wonderful friends and family and I think I need to invest in some more toy storage!

We've gotten so many comments on the shelves Mark made and they are one of my favorite elements of the room. I haven't really touched the items on the top shelf but the bottom shelf has been arranged a few times.

We were given the Texas rattle and the Peter Pan sign from my friend and former roommate Jody and I love them so much! I read the sign pretty much daily from my rocking chair. This shelf serves as book overflow as well as a perch for Beau's new boy doll that Santa brought him. Owen Fox and a few other things still sit up there, as well as the moose that Mark 3D printed for Beau a few weeks ago.

The crib has lost most of it's design aesthetic. We are still using the bumpers since Beau isn't rolling yet (and I'm still on the fence if I want to take them out or not) and the cute pillows and stuffed animals have been banished. His soothing giraffe hangs on edge and plays white noise for naps and bedtime and my mom gifted us the mobile. I was anti-mobile at first since the moose served as the focal point, but Beau loves it and it's part of his nighttime routine. It also buys me some time when he wakes up and stares at it. My mom found it here - she knew we needed an electric mobile rather than a crank (which makes tons of noise and seems so inconvenient!) and it's perfect. It comes apart so older kids can use it as a musical toy in the car and on the go (the owl switches to upbeat music once it's disconnected) and the actual mobile part can attach to a stroller. 

Also in the crib are all of his nighttime pacifiers (the glow in the dark pacifiers have been designated for night-night) and his monitor, which we mounted to the inside of the crib (and we love it). His swaddle stays in there too.

We still love the moose, and he has inspired some other design decisions in the room. Beau has his fair share of foxes and moose! 

I picked up this little red rocking moose from a consignment sale for $10, but you can get it at Ikea too.

I've switched out the mommy books on the nightstand to some fun baby books and a sweet framed "B" my friend and former roommate Kelly made for us. We scaled down the pillows on the chair for a more comfortable rock (Mark hates pillows) and we are just about at capacity on the bookshelf... 

...which is why I was excited when I found this green wire shelf at Kohl's a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't decide where to put it but Beau just got this fun activity center for Christmas and I thought it would be fun to start a little area for him to play at his own level. I'm sure it will grow over the years, but he likes laying here and I like having the current age-appropriate books right there at arms reach when we are playing on the floor.

As much as I love this room, this new addition is my very favorite part:

He is so fun and I love creating a fun and comfortable place for him to spend his first few years!
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