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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas 2015 | better late than never!

I kind of feel like I'm living in the past. I'm at least two weeks behind on things but I'm just going with it at this point!

Here are this year's Christmas decorations!

(the lights went out in the middle of our tree. :( they stayed like that for two weeks. I'm currently trying to get a replacement!)

My mom passed down some Christmas decorations and this wooden tree is my favorite!

Holiday M&M's are a MUST around here!

I've always been big on personal ornaments that mean something to me. Growing up we never had any sort of decorative tree, it was always handmade and special things. Here are some of my favorites from our tree:

I ordered this one for free on Shutterfly and it has our fall photos on it!

This ornament was from our first year of dating!

I bought this in 2013, when we bought our first house!

My mom gave Beau this ornament. It's a red wagon!

Motley as a puppy! 

I bought these in 2012, when we got married!

This was from our honeymoon, which I promptly dropped before we could even use it, but Mark glued it back together. 

It was a very merry Christmas indeed!
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