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Friday, January 29, 2016

- want - need - wear - read - 2

I'm back again for my version of a Friday post! I explained my thought process last week. Here goes!

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I'd love a maid. I know it's kind of my job to clean the house but sometimes it just feels like that's all I do! Has anyone figured out the secret to cleaning and your house actually staying clean for more than one day? 

To get started on Beau's Canadian citizenship paperwork. Mark is Canadian and for $100 and some paperwork, Beau can become a dual citizen. We think that would be pretty cool for him and might have some benefits, but I just need to get started on it! I'm kind of scared it's going to take forever. Blah!


please pardon my mess

I wore this crazy outfit on Wednesday. I really like this plaid shirt I got at Gap but it fits really odd...kind of boxy. I still kept it but now I'm struggling with what to wear it with. I've seen people mix leopard and plaid and I DO like it, I just wasn't sure my method was the best looking. Anyway, I liked it well enough in the morning to wear it the rest of the day. I'm pretty sure everyone I came into contact with thought I was a lunatic, though. 


I needed to cook some chicken last night and as always, I turned to Pinterest for a quick recipe. I was wanting something crispy to go with my mac and cheese (a staple around here) and I ended up liking how easy and not too messy this fried chicken recipe was. I added a packet of Ranch dressing mix and it was nicely seasoned and really tasty!

Happy Friday!

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