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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

i miss being pregnant.

There, I said it. 
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I've been trying to branch out on the blog and talk about things OTHER than babies, but I just had to write this down. I was reading old posts from when I was pregnant and the memories came flooding back and OH how I miss pregnancy. I really do.

Pregnancy wasn't too hard on me. I talked about it a LOT and I over analyzed every single little thing (as I tend to do), but it wasn't bad. The first trimester was meh, the second was great, and the third was torture towards the end, but I didn't hate it. I despised the back pain, the loss of appetite, the severe pelvic pain and just having to WAIT until Beau was born, but otherwise it treated me well.

I miss the kicks.

I miss the mystery and excitement of what was coming next.

I miss the daydreaming of who our baby would be.

I miss the attention, the sweet glances and kind words.

I miss a round belly that peaked around 30 weeks. 

I miss comfortable dresses and clothes and being able to get away with them.

I miss the research of ALL things pregnancy/labor simultaneously scaring me and exciting me.

I miss my HAIR.

I miss the hormones that made me feel like never before.

I miss the laziness that I could claim at any moment.

I miss the movements that just he and I shared.

I miss the hiccups.

I miss the guessing on what body part was poking me at any given time. 

I miss the wonder of life and knowing that my body was doing amazing things.

I LOVE Beau. Words cannot express it. I LOVE being a mom. Every day is better than the last and I am SO, SO, SO glad he is outside of me (because I don't miss the having to be patient for 40 weeks). But every now and then my stomach will gurgle and I'll place my hand there and for a split-second it will remind me of him when he was tiny and warm and safe and cozy in me. It was beautiful and it was wonderful. I miss it. 

On a lighter note, y'all can start placing your bets on how fast we'll get pregnant again but I'm still saying I want them 3+ years apart. I'm going to need help with another newborn!

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