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Friday, January 8, 2016

beau andrew | four months

Guess who's four months old?! This guy!

He is changing SO much developmentally, it's really amazing to watch! 

- has rolled over from front to back 6 times, but never can do it consistently (or on command)
- is wearing size 3 diapers
- is in 9 and 12 month jammies and I cry a little inside when I read the tags
-we're packing away a 3-6 month outfit (and sometimes a 6 month) outfit every day as he seems to outgrow them overnight. He is wearing up to 12 month clothes and size 3 shoes. Toddler socks seem to fit the best over his big cankles (we also call them his 'lower thighs' haha)
- is sleeping anywhere from 7-9.5 hour stretches at night but sometimes surprises me and wakes me up at 3am for an extra feeding. Oh well!
-loves being stood up on your lap so he can look around
-is perfectly happy to sit on your lap and look outward at the world
-has pretty much mastered taking his paci out and putting it back in
-loves bathtime (or anything for that matter) with his daddy
-is still exclusively breastfed and not planning on starting solids until 6 months 
-is getting better and better every day with reaching and grabbing onto toys, faces, hair...
-is showing more moods (as evidenced in the photos below)

-is getting harder and harder to capture photos of...he is always moving and rarely looks at the camera or cooperates, but it's still fun to try :)
-is starting to be more vocal when he wants something; crying hard when he is put down if he doesn't want to be or letting us know when he is tired of something.
-still LOVES being held and that can usually stop any tears.
-is working on sitting up for seconds at a time (still leans forward and to the side after a few seconds)
-is working on sitting in the Bumbo but it isn't quite mastered. We got the Bumbo multi seat that grows with the baby but we had to take out the squishy insert already because the play tray doesn't fit over his legs. So that's a little tricky...
-sits in his high chair daily and plays with toys
-transitioned to double swaddling with a muslin blanket and the woombie after he grew out of the miracle blanket. Without the muslin blanket, he was throwing his arms and legs up and turning onto his side, all while still wrapped in the woombie (he basically looks like a worm). The blanket helps keep him stiffer so he doesn't accidentally roll over.

Here's a few things we've been up to this month:

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