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Thursday, January 28, 2016

new around here

If you've been reading for awhile (or know me personally), you should know that I'm ALWAYS changing things around here. It's in my nature!

Most recently, I had a pretty good reason to change things up - new pictures! Of course, these new pictures include our new addition, so I was extra antsy to get them up.

I switched out two photos in frames we already had (dead center and top right) and added two new frames and pictures. I love this gallery wall, it's one of my favorite things in the house!

I love this side of the wall a lot. From top left: part of a gift that Mark made and gave me for our two year anniversary, a bridal portrait, another part of Mark's gift, a sign I made at a friend's bachelorette party, our wedding invitation, and me with my sweet baby boy. Lots of love in this space!

I found this mirror frame on major clearance at Target and I love the refined feeling it brings to this little table. Check your end caps, there might be some left! I also picked up this wild mint and verbena candle (mostly bought in order to use the jar when I'm finished burning it!) but it smells nice too.

Last but not least, Beau finally got a photo of our family in his room! I LOVE this photo (even though my face isn't showing - we all know who I am anyway) and I'm pretty dang obsessed with this frame too. I just wish this shelf was a tiny bit lower because it's a bit tight. I'll add that to my honey-do list.

Here are the frames I'm using and loving:

I also love the "BE MINE" banner I snagged at Target a couple of years ago. They don't have it anymore but they have some other great things in the dollar spot like this so check it out!
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