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Friday, January 22, 2016

- want - need - wear - read -

Today I'm trying something new. I find it hard to come up with random things to talk about in the Five on Friday posts that I used to do (although I love reading them - it seems like everyone is more creative in their content than I am!) but I do like the conversation it creates and the opportunity something like that gives to just casually chat about the goings-on of life.  dmariebuchanan@gmail.com Image Map

Today's post is kind of a mash-up of the common "currently" posts that go around every once in awhile and a Christmas tradition I've recently heard, which I'll call "want, need, wear, read". The idea there is that instead of the materialism and excess that Christmas can bring, you limit the gifts for your children with that mantra and they get a well-rounded yet small number of gifts. I thought this was a good approach to a Friday post so I'm trying it out today! Here goes:


I'm currently wishing it were summer. I feel like I was slighted a bit last summer since I was 7-9 months pregnant (I know - my own doing) and I didn't get to fully enjoy all the summer activities I usually love. Our winter in Texas so far has been mild, but I'm dreaming of warmer weather still.


I NEED to figure out how to get Beau to be consistent with his sleeping. I know he's only four months and all, but he is pretty good about sleep except that it's never consistent. He'll do a 10 hour stretch one night, then is up at 3am to eat the next night. I've started attempting a pretty routine bedtime for him around 9pm but I never know how long he's going to last. He has never kept me up all night (knock on wood) but is it too much to ask for more consistency? 


I've bought two of these shirts in the last month and I'm dying for it to get cooler outside so I can wear them more often. They are pretty lightweight and semi-sheer with a HIGH slit up each side, which makes them pretty darn perfect for nursing. I always wear a tank under my shirts anyway so this shirt is perfect. Plus they're 50% off! I have the black and the forest green and I just bought the ivory while writing this post!

My body has changed so much and jeans just aren't quite right. I can fit into my old jeans but I'm just not happy with them - the demands of how you move change a lot after you have a kid to hoist up, put down, carry around, and so on. These jeans almost feel like sweatpants. They are almost in the jegging category but have just enough structure and coverage to be considered jeans. They stretch in the right places but they don't fall down all day (hallelujah!). At this price, I'm super happy with them!

I joke that I'm slowly collecting Converse in all colors for Beau. So far he has white and black and I really like these hipster-esque brown pair. I have to decide if I want to splurge on them or not, but they are so cute!


Reading has been pretty sparse around here lately, but I guess lately I've been reading up on baby-led weaning! Woohoo, right?! A big topic these days is about when Beau is starting solids. I've decided to wait to start until 6 months for multiple reasons...but I am pretty sure I'm going to do the baby-led weaning approach. It seems like it will be easy and natural and as excited as I am to see his reaction to foods, it can wait! I've been reading up on it a bit (via Pinterest, of course) as that's about all the reading I have time for these days!


So there's that! Feel free to chime in with any baby-led weaning advice or warnings or anything else! And happy Friday, friends!

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