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Friday, January 15, 2016

fresh air

I've been really bad about getting Beau outside to enjoy the fresh air and take in a bit of nature. Our sidewalks are rough so I've only taken him on a walk in the stroller once and I haven't gotten out to the parks. Luckily, Texas always gives us some good weather no matter the month so I grabbed a blanket and my camera and headed out to our backyard this week. I didn't plan on taking a ton of pictures but it always ends up this way and I really liked the ones I captured. There is just something calming about taking a baby outside and Beau loved it. I snapped a few pictures and I just love staring at his sweet cheeks! The light was so good, I want to take all of my photos out there!

(I think he looks more like my side in this photo, but otherwise I think he looks like his daddy!)
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