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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

impulse buy

I'm super surprised with myself. So far, I've bought NOTHING for baby. Nada. At least that was the case, technically, until last week. 

A friend of mine added me to a community yard sale group on facebook a couple of months ago and I didn't think I would use it much but so far I've had some good luck! I've been a regular craigslist scourer for the last few years typically in search of unique pieces of furniture. The trend right now is antique/vintage furniture in great shape or refinished, whether it be to it's original glory or more of a shabby chic look. 

When I found this buffet on the facebook yard sale page for a steal, I had to jump. I asked Mark by texting him "I want this." and then "I have it reserved, let me know when we can pick it up." 

I've done a ton of research and shopping and I felt like I found a great deal for a really cute, nice buffet. I even refinished an old dresser of ours so I know the kind of work it takes to restore something like this, and I was happy to find it for an affordable price with the work already done!

Anyway, I call it baby's first impulse buy, and I think it was worth it!

This, of course, is not it's final resting place. We are bursting at the seams with furniture and until my March guests come and go, we will keep the guest room as-is. The plan is to switch out the full bed with my sister's crib as my niece transfers to a 'big girl bed'. 

Right now, the buffet is filled with all of the clothes my sister handed down to me :) I had to jump at the chance to get (lots of) free clothes basically right after I told her we were pregnant. She sells her kids' things at a consignment sale called Just Between Friends and she was about to sell a ton of her newborn girl clothes and shoes. 

Right now, I have everything separated out into girl, boy, and gender neutral. There are about 3 boy things because my nephew is 6 and she has already sold most of his stuff! So once we find out the gender, I'll pull out whatever gender it ISN'T and give it back to my sister to sell.


Speaking of finding out the gender........we find out on Saturday!!! I feel like this is a HUGE milestone in my pregnancy. I'm only just about 14 weeks along and I'm not showing yet, but finding out if this little baby is a he or a she is a big deal. We are able to find out early due to a new test called Verifi. Usually these are expensive and we were going to be patient and wait until 20 weeks, but the lab my doctor uses caps the cost at $25 if insurance doesn't cover it. The test checks for all of the trisomies and other chromosome problems while also determining the presence of a Y chromosome, which indicates there is a little boy in there. You can do the test as early as 10 weeks!

Anyway, my mom and sister are throwing a gender reveal party and Mark and I are going to cut into a delicious cake to learn the gender along with some of our closest family. We did this for my sister and my niece and it was SO fun to all share in the excitement together. I just don't know how I'll make it to Saturday, it seems so far away!

I'll be sharing on instagram and facebook once we find out the gender, so follow me there to be the first to hear the news!

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