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Monday, February 1, 2016

no-spend February

This is going to be really tough for me.

I'm going to try to keep my spending in check for the month of February this year. Obviously, our income level has changed and although I'm not an over-spender, I tend to talk myself into buying odds and ends and clothes and food on a regular basis (and I don't really need any of it).

Beau says "Mommy, you can do it."

I can't cut myself off completely but here's what I'm planning to do:

groceries: $200 - I did a big trip (in about 5 minutes - more on that later this week!) last week and got a lot of things to freeze. We usually spend about $400 on groceries but I'm going to try to use what I already have and only spend $200 this month. 

gas: $80 - the price of gas is helping me out on this. It takes about $25 to fill my tank. Between driving Mark to work for the next couple of weeks (we sold his car!!!) and driving to see my family, I am hoping I can make $80 work. 

date nights - I'm allowing us one evening out per week but limiting our spending to $25 each time. That doesn't sound like we are cutting back, but you have to be pretty conservative to go out to eat and spend $25 or less with a ravenous breastfeeding mom in tow! Plus, I think those evenings out are good for our sanity and our relationship. 

eating out during the week - sometimes I just need out of the house and lunchtime is always convenient. I'm allowing myself to eat out one day a week but promise to keep it under $7.

myself (clothes/hair/etc) - I'm going NADA on clothes. I've got enough, I've done enough shopping recently, and if I can't go a month without buying something for myself, something is majorly wrong!

Beau's clothes - Beau also has MORE than enough so I'm going to go cold turkey for him...with the exception of February 27th. Consignment sales are heating up for the spring and that is our first sale to go to. I like to stock up during these sales so that will be my pass to spend on him!

home improvement - this one is tough because I want to spend the time I'm not shopping on improving things around the house. Some of those things will be free, but some will cost money! I'm giving myself $30 to spend here.

I can't think of much else I can limit myself on (the bills have to be paid!) so this is it for now. Please let me know if I've forgotten anything!

Spending less means saving more for our family and it couldn't come at a better time. We just sold Mark's car and are in the market for something else so we'll have to put a little money towards that. We are also constantly trying to increase our savings (for a house, for a trip, for college) and the money we have put towards that greatly decreased since I resigned from my job to watch Beau at home. I'd like to continue growing that!

I'm hoping to use this non-shopping time as time to explore with Beau. We need to get a library membership and learn sign language. The weather has been nice and I'd love to get outside with him more. I have more than a thousand projects I want to work on at home as well as for my Etsy business and I'd love to put some focus into them. Also just generally, I want to get out of the habit of spending and just be content with what I have!

Feel free to join in with me for no-spend February or pass on any tips to keep up my motivation and momentum or just wish me luck!

Happy February! <3

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