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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday - anniversaries and groupon

Happy (cold) Friday, y'all! I'm linking up here with April. Check out the week's happenings below! 


I touched on our anniversary in my post on Monday, but I just realized I never followed up on it! We kept it low key this year and decided to forgo our 10:30pm indoor soccer game (yikes, and sorry team) to stay home and celebrate in style. I made dinner which included Pioneer Woman's meatloaf (I was never a fan of meatloaf growing up but this is SO GOOD), mashed potatoes, asparagus, rolls, and Mark's favorite: lemon meringue pie. 

I had the play list of 'mingle' songs from our wedding on my iPod (7 years old and still going strong) and lit some candles and kept the lights low for our dining experience. We pulled out all of our wedding related books (my bridal portraits, our guest book, etc) and perused them while chatting about marriage. 

We exchanged gifts and Mark made me the best gift! Year two is cotton, so he bought muslin at Joann, looked up a tutorial online, and printed three different things onto the cotton and framed them. They were all special, but the one that made me cry my eyes out was an excerpt from our minister (also my cousin) during our wedding ceremony. Mark had copied it from his notes that he had left in the Bible he gave us and Mark went through and changed some important words (like love and commitment) to red type. It was perfect and it's the first gift that's ever made me cry happy tears, ever. It was a wonderful anniversary!!!

I've been all over Groupon lately. I was all about it a few years ago when it first came out but I've since forgotten about it...not so, these last couple of weeks!

I always buy our movie tickets on Groupon. They are to Studio Movie Grill and they are always about $5. I'm an old lady and I've been astonished at the rising prices of movie tickets - so I CAN'T pay full price! 

studio movie grill groupon deal

These are my purchases...just from this week!

I bit the bullet and bought our Christmas tree on Groupon. How cool is this?! Apparently it's kind of normal to have trees delivered to your house, but I had no idea. These were about $20 cheaper than what we got at Home Depot last year and it was no-hassle, so I did it. I'll let you guys know what the tree looks like when we get it!

frasier fir home delivery for christmas

It is COLD here. I'm not all too excited about it. I'm a total summer girl and while I can handle a little bit of winter, I don't want it this early! We are in Texas, after all. It was 80 degrees on Monday! I'm trying to enjoy it and so far I haven't been too uncomfortable...but we did have to turn our heater on wayyyy earlier than I wanted to! #wahwahwah #poorme

Displaying IMG_0876.PNG

With this cold front, I've been scrambling for warm clothes to wear to work. I already have a problem because all of my pants are too short (I'm 5'-9") and expose my ankles. That works for about 9 months out of the year here. My coworker has these ponte pants from Target and I'd been eyeing them for a while until I finally went and picked up a pair myself. 


I LOVE them. They are pants masquerading as leggings, or vice versa. They are tight to the ankle, super thick and warm, but their pockets look like dress pants. I can wear them with flats, heels, booties, and boots without them wrinkling up like normal pants. I'm picking up another pair (or two) this weekend, considering I already wore them twice this week. #fashionfauxpas #idontcare

Happy weekend!!!

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