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Friday, October 30, 2015

five things Friday | our week

I'm mixing it up just a little this week and blogging five things we did over the past 7 days. Happy Friday!


Beau (and the rest of us) survived his first Sunday morning at church. We had gone one Sunday night and even though it was more casual and a shorter service, he ended up being a little fussy and had to nurse for half of the service. He was much better on Sunday morning and slept all the way through! It was fun getting to worship with my little family of 3. <3


Beau and I went to a nearby nature preserve on Tuesday and did a little walking. He slept the whole time and I sweat it out for just a mile. I am SO out of shape. I have never been a super in shape person but was in the best shape of my life about a year ago after going hard in the gym and eating much healthier. That's all gone now so I'm back at square one! I'm working up the mindset to jump right back into my gym routine here in a couple weeks but it takes some major coordination! Wish me luck!


I'm pretty sure my boy grew a few inches overnight. This week, I noticed that he had crossed the line and was too big for a lot of his clothes! We pulled out this 3 month bunny sleeper (my favorite outfit of his) and it fits him pretty perfectly. I'm afraid he won't get too many more wears out of it!

This is his bin of clothes and shoes he has already outgrown. I just found 3 more 0-3 month onesies that he never wore and doesn't fit anymore. Wah!!!

We found out at his appointment on Monday (an update coming on that soon!) that he weighed 14lbs 4oz and was 23.5" long. I don't know what percentile that is but it does mean my 7 week old baby is way out of his league! Strangers and friends meeting him for the first time are so shocked when we tell them he is only 7 weeks old!

Here he is in his 3-6 month dinosaur sleeper (also slightly snug):

He sported his business casual onesie that Mark and I bought the day we found out he was a boy:

And I pulled out this 3 month octopus sleeper that's a little too short in the legs :( He didn't mind, though, and fell asleep while I was burping him!

Both his Pandy (my dad Andy, nicknamed Pandy as a boy and transitioned into his 'grandpa name') and his daddy drive Mini Coopers and I just had to snag this shirt at a consignment sale. "Mini Man" it says. It's a 3-6 month onesie and the socks (the first pair that has fit since the hospital) are 6-12 months! Yikes!

I have to say, though, that newborn socks are tiny. Does anyone's kid really fit into those??


We spent some time with my family this week while Mark was in Chicago for business. My mom and sister argue over Beau when we are with them and my mom had him at this particular moment during church. He loves his Nana!


Rounding out the week, we met my dad for lunch on Thursday with my mom and sister at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth. It's this HUGE landmark texmex restaurant in old Fort Worth. It spans two city blocks and is one of my very favorite places. The food has always been hit or miss but the atmosphere usually makes up for it. It was a nice 70 degree day in Texas and we loved our time with family!

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween! Don't forget to set your clocks back! 

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