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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

life lately

Our lives these days are much more baby-heavy than before, but we like it that way! Here's what we've been up to while we're adjusting to this new pace of life:

-Mark and Beau have lots of playtime on weekends and weeknights. We're slowly introducing toys and this rattle seems to catch his interest!-

-waking up a few times to nurse can be tough, but it's all worth it when this is the face on the other side!-

-Beau loves his car rides and I've been getting out of the house with him more and more. He makes errands with a newborn seem easy!-

-on his tummy on me is his favorite place to sleep. Sometimes it helps me slow down and just enjoy the moment!-

-Mark gave Beau his first bottle at 3 weeks old. He's still getting used to it and enjoys it more straight from the source. ;) -

-I'm still loving our baby monitor (it's on sale!) but it defeats the purpose if I just stare at it the whole time...-

-nope, he's not suffocating. This kid prefers to sleep on his tummy (but of course he can't without supervision because of the risk of SIDS). On this day he snoozed on his playmat while I worked in the kitchen.-

-we went on a field trip to visit my old workplace last week and Beau ate up all the attention! He was making faces with our owner in this one.-

-a little fresh air and a walk was what we both needed yesterday after a morning full of frustrated cries and gas pain (him, not me) -

-sweet baby always loves a ride in his stroller!-

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