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Monday, October 5, 2015

favorites | baby's first month

Almost four weeks in and I'm already playing favorites! 

Beau and I are starting to do a bit more than just laying around (but not much more) and I'm finally getting to put all of this baby gear to use. I've listed my favorites from the first month here. Many of these items have been lifesavers!

the pack mule

This diaper bag from SkipHop was an early favorite. I'm a sucker for stripes so the print had me at hello, plus the easily wipeable fabric is a no-brainer. I haven't figured out the best way to organize the bag but at this stage, it totally works. I'm thinking once I have a toddler I'll upgrade to a tote (for snacks and toys and things) but this is the perfect size bag for me!

the wheels 

I had originally chosen a stroller and car seat based on color (duh). After that, I read some reviews and luckily the one I liked had good reviews. Last, I brought Mark into Buy Buy Baby and we tested out the strollers. That's when I was SOLD on this one. The stroller is SO easy to fold up, it's unbelievable. It only takes one hand to fold up and it was easily the smallest size after being folded among all of the major brands. It rides so smoothly and is really easy for me to push, even with one hand. I highly recommend it!!!

the car mirror

I didn't receive one of these as a gift so I went on during the final weeks and bought this mirror on prime. It's kind of an essential and I'm always checking Beau out at stoplights. Love it!

super comfy nursing/sleep bra

I hated bras all through pregnancy and now I have to wear one 24/7. I'm always excited to change into this one because it is SO comfy and lightweight. It makes the middle of the night feedings super easy, too. Get one! 

our favorite blankets

These muslin blankets are cheaper than the Aden & Anais blankets but they are the same size and SO soft. I use these for everything and always have one within 12 inches of me. I didn't like many of the A&A prints (and none of the ones I liked were available in the store) so I've been REALLY happy with these

squeaky clean

I had originally gone for the Puj tub but after receiving it and giving it a second thought, I went for this one instead. Thinking about giving a bath in our tub still gives me nightmares (bending over in a tiny bathroom - oy, my back!) and I LOVE that this one just sits on the counter and drains into the sink. I can use it much longer than the Puj, too. The colored part in the middle is rubbery and flexible so Beau always stays comfy!
my saving grace

Beau loves his pacifiers so these were kind of a no-brainer. We are constantly dropping them and have lots sitting around the house so they are easy to grab. Having these wipes on hand is really helpful and means we aren't constantly boiling water to clean the pacifiers (although we definitely follow the 5-second rule)!

Beau's absolute favorite pacifiers

I was pro-paci from the beginning and we had quite the stash ready to go for Beau. I brought two kinds to the hospital and they gave us one as well, but nothing makes him happy like these pacifiers. He loves them so much that my mom and I went separately on the same day and bought more so now he has 5 of these and about 6 random assorted ones that we hope he learns to tolerate later in life. ;)

THE wipe warmer

I had heard that the wipe warmer was one of the biggest wastes of money but we LOVE ours. Beau was not a fan of diaper changes during the first 2 weeks and the warm wipes (along with Mr. Giraffe) made a huge difference in those early days (and late nights). We don't have any trouble using cold wipes when we're out and about, so I count that as luck!
my diaper-changing right hand man

This sound machine disguised as a giraffe has been a major help from the beginning! The white noise setting put him at peace during diaper changes and we've since used it during nap time too. Plus, look how cute he is!!!

best last-minute purchase ever

These are one of those items that I bought during the final weeks. We only have one changing pad cover at the moment and I had seen these pads on someone else's registry. They are so great! We just leave them down when we change diapers and they have saved us from washing the changing pad cover at LEAST 10 times. They are pretty cheap, too and you really just need 3. Such a genius idea!

I have this weird mommy guilt for setting down my child and leaving him (I'm told I'll get over this) and I finally used my monitor the other day. I knew I wanted a video monitor and OH MAN, I love it. You have the option of switching the video off and just hearing sound and it also automatically switches it off (to save battery) after a few minutes. I love the light/sound sensor on the front too; I could easily tell if Beau was upset when I was vacuuming the other day (he wasn't). This is one of my favorite items thus far!

So that's what's on my list for now! What were your newborn must-haves?

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