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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

picture heavy

I'm taking LOTS of pictures lately and since I've heard that some people just 'read' my blog for the pictures (cough you know who you are cough) I'm coming at you today with a picture-heavy update. 

We're slowly getting out and about and on a schedule around here. Normal everyday things are becoming easier (like going to the grocery store) and sometimes I feel like I have this mom thing down! Other times, not so much...

Anyway, here are some happenings from the last couple of weeks:

bath time and smiles with Nana and Aunt Gigi

meeting great grandparents Granny B and Pa

snoozing through lunch with Aunt Gigi

mad at mommy for daring to put him down

sometimes this is the only way to force a nap...running water from the shower!

meeting Graunts, Gruncles, and first cousins once removed for the first time

snoozing and snuggling with Emily and Heather

Giggles with daddy

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