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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

beau's halloween costume options

Halloween has really crept up on us this year. I've failed as a mom because my child has ONE Halloween-themed daily outfit (and it's kind of tight, at that) and I haven't decorated for the holiday this year. Regardless, we have a few fun things around here that could pass as a Halloween costume, like...

the giant child that can't fit in any clothes

the dinosaur with a striped body

the football-headed infant

and of course, pumpkin-booty.

(he's not amused)

I didn't fail TOO hard though because my baby does, in fact, have a costume this year. I was really disappointed that Mark didn't want to dress up and match him:

...and I am kicking myself for not getting the family involved:

Beau's costume may not be quite as GREAT as those two, but I think he'll be a pretty cute hungry caterpillar (even though we've heard from many people that he doesn't appear to have missed a single meal in his life). My mom is whipping up a simple costume and we are spending Halloween night with family. Can't wait! 

Happy Halloween!
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