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Friday, October 23, 2015

five on Friday | deals

I'm switching it up on you today because this news is too good to share!

Right now, Groupon is offering 20% off Local Deals and 5% off goods until TODAY! Plus, Ebates is offering 6% cash back (see my post here for why you should be using Ebates!) at Groupon, so you end up saving AND earning! 

Groupon has been my go-to for a while and even more so when there are additional perks to using the service! Here are 5 great Groupon deals:


Movie tickets! I cannot and will not pay $10 for a movie ticket. We always go during off-hours and we ALWAYS buy these tickets through Groupon. We went twice the week before Beau was born!


Fitbit! They have the Fitbit flex as well. It's the perfect time to pick one of these up for a Christmas gift or even for yourself! I know I'd love one to get my pre-prego body back!


If you're a Reebok fan, this is a great deal! $25 for $50 gift card at Reebok.com.


I just found my receipt from my CHI and it was four years ago! I can't believe it's lasted that long.This is a REALLY great deal!


There are a few 'exotic car' deals on the site and they make for great gifts. I got Mark one similar to this last year for his birthday and it was a big hit!

So there are your deal alerts for this Friday. It's about that time so start your holiday shopping now with Groupon and Ebates!

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