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Monday, October 19, 2015

things | non-baby edition

And now for a non-baby update!

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-guess what. We FINALLY have finished floors! Yep, it took us just under a year to finish the 2% of the quarter round that we needed to wrap up our floor project. These are the best 'after' pictures I have. I'm so glad we decided to do new baseboards!

see Mark in the corner over there?

-four days after Beau was born, Mark's car wouldn't start. At first we thought it was something small like a battery or something like that but it ended up being a major thing that costs us lots of money. So much for starting our first month of one income on the right foot! 

-ok I lied, there is a little bit of baby in this update! My cousin had her baby about 3 weeks after Beau was born. They don't really look alike but Beau already seemed SO much bigger!!!

-Mark's cousin also had a baby a month after Beau and several people in the family think they look alike! They definitely look different but it's interesting that they favor each other more than Beau looks like any of his first cousins. 

-I'm brainstorming our 'grand road trip' to Yellowstone. I dreamed this up a few months ago and I decided that Mark, Beau, and I need to roadtrip up to Yellowstone through Colorado in a summer or two. I'll talk more about that later because I'll need some advice, but it's in the works!

-I'm learning all sorts of things as a new stay-at-home-mom. My dress code changed, my eating habits changed, and of course my schedule changed. I haven't done a real grocery trip since Beau was born but I bought these on a whim the other day and I'm scarfing them down (hello breastfeeding appetite). I've been all about cinnamon and sugar lately!

-speaking of new dress codes...I've gotten a little carried away lately. I lost a lot of my pregnancy weight (surprisingly!) so I'm able to buy a few things to jumpstart my new 'mom' wardrobe. I'm finding that I can't wear any dresses since I'm breastfeeding so I've picked up a few skirts on SUPER sale at Old Navy. It doesn't hurt that they are super cute! I love this fall floral and this year-round floral too.  I saw this skirt in an army green and found it in the store for FOUR DOLLARS. I wore it and loved it so I ordered the black online, but I'm kind of wanting the navy blue too...It will be super cute with boots, I'm thinking! They also have red which is so cute!

-ok, I may have shopped at H&M too. They can be hit and miss for me...I ordered two pairs of jeans online for $15 each (I only fit into one pair of my 3 pairs of jeans at the moment) but stopped by the store when I was at the mall last week. I figured I should try the jeans on since I wasn't sure on sizing. Well, I didn't like the ones I had ordered but I LOVED these - and they are only $20 regular price! I'm getting lots of wear out of them already. 

-We scheduled our fall pictures! Are we crazy for doing them with a 2 month old? I'm afraid his acne is going to go crazy or he is going to cry the whole time (we are only doing a quick 30 minute mini-session). Cross your fingers everything works out! 

-I now have to pull together our outfits for our pictures. I have no idea which direction to go in...I had an outfit in mind for Beau but I put it on the other day and it barely snaps. There's no way that will still fit him in a month! I'll be back with a post on our outfits and I'll be looking for your input!

So that's life! :)

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