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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

that time again...

It's beginning to be that time again! I'm starting my Christmas shopping, what about you? 

One of my favorite ways to stay organized with my shopping and give subtle hints as to what's on my list is to create a Pinterest board. I use it all year round and add to it when I come across something I either want to buy myself or hint to others that I'd like as a gift. I love seeing what I've added over the years! Other family members do the same thing and have different boards for different people in the family (like my nieces and nephews) and it's SUCH a great tool for me to be able to tell what they're liking at the moment. Sometimes I buy directly from the list and sometimes I just use it as inspiration and get them something else that I find. 

Here are a few things on our lists this year:

a tote to transition to after the diaper bag gets too small

some running shoes to replace my old, worn out pair and encourage me to get moving more!

a fun art print of one of my favorite cities to hang in Beau's room (or elsewhere)

this super cute, super "me" shirt (how cool is the name?!)

one of the cutest blankets ever to practice tummy time on!

a serious drink colster for the man in your life (have you guys seen these things?! crazy!)

...plus something bright and warm to keep me happy through the icky winter months


As always, remember to sign up for ebates to take advantage of FREE CASH by shopping online around Christmas time (or any other time of the year). Just install the ebates button to your browser and use it whenever you're shopping online. That's it! Just look at this screenshot of my account to see how much I've earned:

You can earn tons of free cash and refer your friends for even more, all while checking things off your list from the comfort of your couch. It's always nice to get a check in the mail after Christmas!

What's on your list this year?

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