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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A man's dream gift

Mark is one of those lucky people that has a birthday close to Christmas. His is the 23rd and I always try to make it extra special (my mom’s is the 28th so I grew up knowing that it had to be separate from Christmas!). Of course, I never have the day off work and Mark always does because he has more vacation then me, so we usually have to celebrate a little early.

This year, I arranged lunch with my family in Arlington on Sunday the 21st. The lunch was a normal occurrence but it had to take place in Arlington in order for my plan to go perfectly…

I had seen this groupon from exotic skittles (odd name, I know) a few months before and bought it on an impulse. Mark’s gift from me this year (other than boxers and socks on the actual day-of) was a test drive of a Lamborghini Gallardo. I’ve seen these types of test drives but for just $50, I thought that was a pretty cool experience. After Mark complained a bit about having to go to Arlington to meet my family, I drove us home to ‘watch the Cowboys game’. I took our normal route home and as I started exiting earlier than usual, I said to Mark “I’m really sorry, but I didn’t check the Cowboys schedule when I bought your birthday present. You’re going to miss the first quarter”. I mean, how bad of a wife am I?! I told him we were going to get his birthday present and he was super confused and tried to guess where we were going for the 10 minutes it took to get there after I exited.

Mark’s main guess was that we were picking something up for me from craigslist and/or getting him a desk chair. This place was in kind of an industrial area so that definitely threw him off.

Once we got inside the building, it turned out that they were closed on Sundays, but I guess they were honoring my schedule request. The office was dark and there was no indication of where we were. Mark was SO confused. He went back to the bathroom and saw the warehouse FILLED with trucks and SUV’s and started to get a little bit closer to what we were really doing. Finally, I told him that he was going to test drive a car. He said “what kind?” and I said “a Lamborghini Gallardo” and his face was priceless. He was so surprised! The first thing he said was “what?! Seriously?” and the second thing he said was “I’m so nervous!” haha!

It took him a while to let it all sink in but luckily he had time while we filled out a little bit of paperwork. Since it was a 'test drive', typically an employee would have ridden with Mark. Instead, we opted to pay $25 extra so I could ride with Mark. The employee ended up driving the OTHER Lamborghini and we had a little caravan through Dallas. 

People stared, the car went fast, Mark was giddy, and it was super fun! It sounded like we were on a video game with the engine so loud and powerful behind us. I think Mark enjoyed himself and I was happy I got to share it with him.

If you're looking for a valentine's day, birthday, or other gift for the man in your life, I highly suggest checking it out!

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