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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend pretties

Happy Monday to a short week!!! There are few things better than a short week. 

Our weekend plans of camping with lots of family members were unfortunately cancelled on Thursday so we improvised our way through the weekend. Here's my wrap-up in picture form:

We headed over to Seconds & Surplus on Saturday morning and picked up our laminate flooring! We looked for options at a few different places but our favorite style was sold here. Three cheers for a bargain!

This is my guest room right now...one stack of 8 boxes not pictured:

Our nephew Noah has a birthday on Thanksgiving this year that unfortunately we will have to miss because we will be spending the holiday with Mark's side of the family up in McKinney. Since our plans for camping this weekend were cancelled, we decided to head to my parents for dinner on Saturday and surprise Noah with his gifts early. We got him two mining/crystal related science experiment gifts and supposedly he loved them! My sister said that he told his teacher he got the 'very best gift ever' and as he was playing with it, he said 'I'm going to have to write them LOTS of thank-you notes!'...makes me happy! :)

We also started ripping out our baseboards in preparation for demo and putting down laminate wood flooring. We decided we would rather pay for demolition than installation (or for both) so we are doing the prep work before the professionals come out on Friday and rip out the carpet and tile. I'll share more on that later, but for now, half of my house looks like this!

The weather was SUPER nice on Saturday, we're talking 75 degrees and sunny. Kitty and I enjoyed looking out the window at the pretty fall trees:

Later on, Mark and I headed down the street a bit to a really nice neighborhood near ours that I had found on one of my many walks a while ago. They have a creek running through the neighborhood with lots of trails so Mark and I walked about 2.5 miles with Motley. It was so pretty! Fall is finally here in the lone star state. Don't believe anyone that says Texas isn't pretty...

I'm linking up today with Oak & Oats, a new fave blog!

I hope you all had a great weekend and can enjoy a short week as well!

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