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Friday, November 21, 2014

My week in bullet points

I'm slowly learning that I occasionally lead a very boring life. My last few weekend wrap ups have been about how boring (and amazing) my weekends were, and my Five on Friday posts typically include mention of Gilmore Girls and my plans to do nothing over the weekend. Don't get me wrong - I love my boring lifestyle! It just means that I don't have any overly edited photos or embellished stories to share with you today.

I'm opting out of my typical five on Friday layout this week and am instead going to share the tidbits of this week, without pictures. Try to keep up!

-On Monday, I had a dermatologist appointment and learned that my big bad mole is 'friendly', bumps on the backs of my arms and legs are hereditary, and I'm permanently scarred from the sun and wearing a heating pad on my lap (it's cold at work) for the past year. Yay for me!

-I had big plans to jump back into the workout routine on Monday night but I came home starving and we ordered pizza instead. Enough said.

-Tuesday I actually DID get to the gym and started this couch to 5k app. I felt a little bit like I was cheating because I've been running for the past year and already have built up some endurance, but I followed the app and was happy with my 30 minute 2 mile run/walk. Baby steps! I'm liking this app so far, so go check it out if you're in the market!

-Wednesday I took a late lunch and indulged in some Whataburger and about 30 minutes of theTVshowIamaddictedtothatshallnotbenamed in the parking lot. What I didn't realize was that I didn't turn my keys all the way to 'off' and instead my car was running on ACC for those 30 minutes. No lights, air, or radio was on but alas, my battery was dead when I tried to start the car. I had to hike across the street and beg the VW dealership to come jump my car. It worked and I was on my way back to work in about 30 minutes.

-Wednesday night was our soccer game and despite being down one girl (we have to have 3 on the field at a time because we are playing in a co-ed team...we only have 5 girls signed up!) we tied a pretty dirty-playing but good team. Mark scored his first TWO goals of the season and I was so proud of him!!! I came in his life just about when he was beaten down and never wanted to play soccer again (he tore his ACL in both knees...one in high school and one 4 months before our wedding) so it was so fun to see him score a goal and be a part of his team! My proud moment of the game was when I went head to head with a girl and did a little fancy footwork, then kicked the ball off the wall and ran pass her to maintain possession. (they didn't call me fancy feet in 3rd grade for nothing) We are all improving so much!

-Thursday was another day much like Tuesday! I went home and did another day of couch to 5k, made an appetizer for my work's Thanksgiving lunch today, and worked on a few Etsy orders.

So that was my ordinary week. If you're new here (a lot of you are!) be sure to check out the myriad of ways I stay in touch with the world below. I'm kind of an over sharer/pinner so if that's your thing, please follow along! 

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hey look! a non-stock photo!

Have a great weekend!

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