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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I’m rounding out my blogging week today and gearing up for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving, but not because of the food. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of turkey or ham or all the fixin’s, but I love this time of year when the air gets crisp (in some areas) and people are highly persuaded to be thankful and happy. I love gathering with family without any pretense of gifts and just enjoying time together, sending up thanks for all of our blessings. In reality, it’s what we should be doing every day!

So before I take a break from work and blogging for the week, I want to be sure I account for all of my blessings and what I’m thankful for. This is going to be a sappy post, but it’s so important to me so I had to share!

I’m thankful for a large, loving family that has always been there for me and supported me and loved me through my ups and downs. I’m thankful for the laughs we have together and the inside jokes and silly quirks we all share. I’m thankful how we come together when one of us needs a support system and how we love each other unconditionally. I’m so thankful that my family has loved Mark without asking any questions from the very beginning and they’ve always treated him like one of ‘us’. In fact, I think they love him more than they love me!

I’m thankful for Mark and the fact that he was brought into my life at the perfect time. I’m thankful that he is the perfect balance in our family and he always provides for me, be it financially, emotionally, and even for lots of laughs. I’m thankful that he’s happy to fulfill my to-do list requests and excitedly dives into DIY projects with me. I’m thankful for his family that loves him SO dearly and that have included me in their close-knit group. I’m thankful that they share their lives with us so openly!

I’m thankful that I have a job, two cars, a beautiful house, three silly pets, and the ability to shop and decorate and cook whenever I’d like. I’m thankful that we can rip out a kitchen or tear up our floors whenever we please because we know we have the means to improve them. I’m thankful that I can share my love and my joy and buy gifts for all of my family members for the upcoming holiday without worrying about putting food on the table the next day.

I’m thankful that I can worship God freely without persecution and share in that joy with other bloggers and women and people around my community and the world.

I'm oh so thankful for my girlfriends for providing laughs, moral support, someone to always vent to, and an escape from the world when things get crazy whether it be a fun dinner out or a girls' trip elsewhere. I'm blessed to have some great friends.

I’m thankful for this beautiful season and the leaves turning colors and the air turning crisp. I’m thankful that we are reminded daily of all of our blessings through our surroundings and the smiles on people’s faces and the laughter that comes from them.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to share my thoughts on this blog freely and to connect with so many wonderful women. I hope that you all count your blessings and remind your families and your friends how important this time of the year is. Put aside the Christmas gifts and trees and plans just for a few more days and be thankful!!!

I hope you all get to spend quality time with family and friends tomorrow and enjoy every moment. Happy Thanksgiving!

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