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Monday, November 10, 2014

The best weekends are boring

It's true. The best weekends are when there are no plans and the weekend just happens, organically.

That is exactly what this weekend was and I LOVED it! 

Mark and I had one plan for the whole weekend, so we hosted his mom and dad for dinner on Friday night. As I mentioned, I made a rendition of chicken taco chili and it was delish! We have some leftovers so I'm sure those will be eaten up during the cold week that is ahead. 

Mark took advantage of some great weather on Saturday and went east to play disc golf which left me with the entire day to fill to my liking. Luckily, I had already done my weekly housecleaning before Mark's parents came over so I didn't even have to clean! I started with one of the projects on my LONG to-do list:

I wrote here about how we sprayed almost all of our door hardware oil-rubbed bronze when we moved in. A couple knobs (mostly our exterior doors) were wearing a bit plus I had missed a couple things like the strike plates so I took those off, sanded them down, and sprayed them in the garage. It's super easy and way cheaper than getting new hardware!

I also treated myself to a matinee movie and went to see Gone Girl. I really wanted to read the book first but I decided to skip it and saw the movie instead. I got a deal on Groupon (tickets are usually 30-50% off so we always buy them before we go). I really liked the movie! It wasn't as shocking as I had heard from other people, but it was a good one. I had to run to the bathroom about 15 minutes from the end, which in hindsight was probably the worst part to miss, but I ended up getting a free meal out of it (we go to Studio Movie Grill and they serve food) so I learned that I was a pretty cheap date!

I then went home and did this:

Mark and I are seriously thinking about putting down hardwoods/laminate in about half of our house. I am BEYOND excited about it and am ready to get it done ASAP, but unfortunately I married someone that takes a little more time to make these big decisions. I'm taking it all in stride! I picked up about 12 samples of wood and laminate, and after talking about it we are leaning more towards laminate. We are thinking it's easier to install, harder for the dog to scratch up, and generally more cost effective than wood. Plus, we can't really tell much of a difference between some of the woods and high quality laminates. What do you guys think? PLEASE give us your thoughts! (keep in mind that we aren't trying to 'trick out' our current home in high end finishes, there is surely a cap of what we could get for resale in this neighborhood and there are plans to rent it out when we move, so keep that thought on the back burner!)

We went to a builder's surplus store on Sunday and picked up larger samples. The ones above are the rejects and the two below are actually different styles, but they are the ones we like best. 

Sunday was lazy and Mark was around, so Motley caught up on her much needed sleep...(I'm seeing a yellow/black/white/grey theme here)

Sunday afternoon I got all ready to model my new eShakti shirt and then found out my camera battery was dead and I can't find my charger. So, I'll have that next week, hopefully!

Instead, I had Mark help me take some pictures for my Etsy shop. I posted four new items!

Completely candid and my new shop Instagram picture! 

I got to working on Mark's special anniversary dessert (today's our anniversary!) and realized I'm kind of a messy cook...

Any guesses on what I made?

I'm linking up here! I hope you all had a great weekend, and happy Monday!

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