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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Travel Diaries: New Orleans part 2

We continued our tour of New Orleans by wandering down to the open-air French Market. Half of it is a true "market" and half of it is more of a place that sells cheap knock-offs and junk. Either way, it was fun to wander through!

There were quite a few Praline stores in the area.

Again, another statue that I don't know, but it was cool and very European!

The market was open-air and we had plenty of room to roam.

Gator heads. Too bad I didn't buy one!

After our jaunt through the French Market, we went back out into the French Quarter to stroll the streets looking for cool architecture. I think we found some...

I just love the quintessential New Orleans balcony. I'm inspired to get a hanging fern after seeing so many here!

I liked the fun brick sidewalk on Bourbon Street.

We decided it was best to 'see' Bourbon Street in daylight. It's a long street packed with bars, and that's about it!

We took the trolley back to the end of the line through the Garden District and stopped for lunch in Uptown.

After lunch, we grabbed our car for a quick drive around Tulane, Loyola, Audobon Park, the Garden District, and Magazine Street. We were happy to see it all, even if it was just a drive-by!

Audobon Park backs up to the Mississippi.

After all of our touring, we headed back to the B&B for a quick nap and started getting ready for the night. Here was our room!

It was HUGE!

Here's a shot after the wedding, heading out into the rainy, yet romantic, streets of New Orleans.

I have one more post to share showcasing the wedding events. Check back on Friday for that and let me know if you've been to these same places, or if you've been to New Orleans and never saw something that you wished you had!


  1. First off, I love your rain boots! And I agree about the ferns- those would be great for the back yard in cool hanging baskets. I went to New Orleans in high school with Mom and Dad, Bernie, Barby and Anne, and it was a blast! The whole trip was planned around amazing restaurants. We ate the entire time! Haha. Some of the best were K Paul's, Commander's Palace, and Brennan's. and of course we loved the beignets at Cafe du Monde! I loved the B&B y'all stayed at too- so cute!

  2. Such a cute B&B... very "Gilmore Girls" :)

  3. You can buy gator heads?!?! Wow...I had no idea. That is crazy! hahah
    Love all of these photos...can't wait to see some from the wedding!


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