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Monday, September 23, 2013

Travel Diaries: New Orleans part 1

Brace yourselves.

We had a great time in New Orleans (despite the constant rain) and as a new blogger, I made it my mission to capture as many moments on camera as possible! 

Lucky for you, I'm splitting up the photos into three posts, so here's our arrival and adventures in photos:

This was my first time seeing the Mississippi River in person. Just as impressive as I thought!

Walking around the French Quarter after the welcome dinner (a whole post will be dedicated to wedding festivities)

At one point, we heard an (American) tourist ask what this symbol was...

Cafe du Monde at night. Don't worry, we tried it!

Parts of the French Quarter are so romantic! This was outside the hotel that the wedding party had blocked off.

This was the hotel that many of the wedding guests were staying.

We were told we HAD to see Bourbon Street. So, we saw it. And then we went home to bed. 

Riding the cable car or street car was one of my favorite things to do!

We woke up to LOTS of rain on Saturday morning.

I came prepared! We hit the ground early to do some sight-seeing.

Our B&B was perfect, couldn't have asked for more!

We stayed near the Garden District. It had beautiful old homes that reminded me of Charleston and Swiss Ave in Dallas.

We took the trolley back to the French Quarter.

Here's my photo in a light rain...

And here is similar shot during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The trolley was so charming! Easy to use and only $1.25 a ride!

We heard 'Go Saints' and 'Geaux Tigers' all weekend!

Here we are in Jackson Square facing the Mississippi River.

And this is looking into town toward St. Louis Cathedral. 

Someone teach Mark how to work an umbrella in a photo! Eek!

These signs were everywhere and I really liked the feeling they gave! It felt very European.

This was such a pretty area.

Annnd this is why I don't have many photos of Mark.

We didn't really get up close to this statue, but my best guess is that it's Jackson?

Inside St. Louis Cathedral - gorgeous, right?!

We went back out into the rain and walked more around Jackson square. 

We then crossed the street and promptly headed to the long line in front of Cafe du Monde. :)

The wait wasn't long at all and we were inside in about 10 minutes!

I love how candid this photo is. We sat smack in the middle of the open-air restaurant!

We were serenaded with jazz hymns the whole time. 

The wait was SO worth it and the beignets were warm and DELICIOUS! I couldn't resist taking a bite before the picture. 

As you can see, the constant downpour didn't bother us much and we got to see quite a bit of the Big Easy. Check back this week for more photos and a recap of the weekend and our thoughts on our first visit to New Orleans! 

Happy Monday and Happy Fall! :)


  1. Look at you and your ridiculously cute rainy day touristy outfit. Love the rain boots!
    SO glad that you went to Cafe Du Monde. Totally worth the wait, right?? Those beignets are delish.

  2. Looks like y'all had fun, despite the rain! Love all the pictures :) The French Quarter is sooo beautiful!

  3. I am especially enjoying your posts, thanks for documenting your experiences of our wedding weekend in New Orleans! Love that you stayed in a B&B and rode the trolley around, sounds amazing!

  4. Looks like a great time despite the rain! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

  5. Looks wonderful, despite the rain :)

    Those beignets look incredible!

    Hmm maybe...


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