wonderfully made: My first 'day off' and another Blogtember post

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My first 'day off' and another Blogtember post

I'm putting aside the worries that I'll sound like an old diary post and saying that I'm sorry I haven't written! I only missed one day, but I know how miffed I get when one of my favorite bloggers (not that I'm anyone's favorite blogger by ANY stretch of the imagination...) skips a day or - God forbid - goes on vacation. It's not a good feeling. So, here I am, and I'll try to make this post extra good!

I'm joining up with Jenni today through her Blogtember linkup and sharing how blogging and social media has changed me.

Granted, I've only been blogging for about 2 1/2 months, but I can already tell the effect it's having on me. I started this blog with the intention of sharing parts of our home renovation, and look how far I've strayed in two short months! I have to say, though, that I'm happy with the organic change my blog has taken on. I like being free to write about what I want without the guilt of not sharing a DIY or house update every day. When I have them, I share them, and when I don't, I just use this space of the internet as my little place to share my thoughts! Pretty pictures, too.

I never thought of myself as the writing type. I've sworn up and down that I'm a more math-centered brain, and I still stand by that, but I won't shut out the creative writing side of me, either. I might feel like I'm stretching and trying to form decent sentences every time I write, but I think it's good exercise and I think this little bloggy here has helped me to come out of my shell a bit and just write what I'm feeling and thinking.

Blogging has also given me purpose throughout my day. I take more pictures, find a story in the little things, and even try to dress better in the rare chance I participate in a WIWW. I hope that the adventure continues to inspire me, because I need that to keep me going, blog or no blog.

Social media has played a HUGE role in my life over the last oh....8 years. Yep, I joined facebook when I was 18, before I even went to college. My sister was already in college and kept talking about Facebook and as soon as I got my acceptance letter and email from SFA, I signed up. Yes, children, those were the days that you had to be in college to use Facebook. After that it was MySpace, AIM, words with friends, and now Instagram. I chose (wisely, I think) to skip the whole Twitter thing. I know a lot of bloggers use it but luckily I haven't felt the need to fold to it, yet.

(one of) my first photos on Facebook. This was about a year in. I think I deleted multiple other albums, phew!

...and according to Facebook, this was one of the first pictures I was tagged in. Marked October 27th, 2005! Baby Diana...times two!

One of my favorite things about Facebook was having all of my photos on my profile and using it as a virtual photo album. That, of course, turned in to a massive amount of oversharing but I'm able to look back at a lot of photos and laugh or remember good times. My love of photos of course transferred over to Instagram: the perfect app for me. No, really. I love me some Instagram. It's easy to use, browse, and navigate and I LOVE IT. I do, however, mostly post photos of my dog and food, but it serves its purpose.

My first Instagram post! Yep, only been with this game for 40 weeks. 

Just editing a 'selfie' (new word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, check it) to post a teaser for this very blog post! Talk about cheap advertising...

I think social media and blogging in general is starting a whole new generation. Everything is now literally in the palm of our hands and we tend to be adapting well to the never ending change. I can't wait to see what's next!


  1. It's funny how so little time at this makes such a difference! I'm glad you joined the blogging world :)

  2. it is crazy how much social media is everywhere! sometimes its hard to not be constantly connected! and I love blogs that are a mix of everything - pictures, diys, life! :)

  3. LOVE those two instagram photos! Where did you get your glasses from? They are so cute!! I have a twitter and I get bored with it so easily, so I rarely "tweet".


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