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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Details: a work in progress

Not much to talk about today, so I wanted to share some 'work in progress' details with you. Maybe you can help inspire my next project! (cross your fingers its kitchen counters!!!)

After my Wednesday post last week, my friend and former roommate Kelly commented that I should use this typography quote for my next chalkboard wall inspiration:

Being still

So I did!

I used the format and the text as a guide and just copied it onto my wall with a little freehand action. I took Christa's advice this time and wet the chalk. It made for a more solid line and an easier time in general, but the texture on the wall is still my nemesis! 

(you can see why I want new counters so bad, right?!)

Emily already shared a few detail shots (much better with her pro camera!) but here are some more that I have taken along the way...

I might have already said this, but fresh flowers are one of my favorite things! Especially in big bunches. (coughmarkcough) I also love to have a candle lit at night. Try it! It automatically helps you de-stress, as well as turning down the overhead lights!

This table has followed me around a lot. I first got it for my room re-do at my parent's house my sophomore year in college. I bought it for $20 on sale at Ross, and it was a weird silvery-gold color. I spray painted it silver before it went it my room. Then, I took it with me when I moved into a house with my friend Jody in Lubbock. I brought it back with me to Dallas and it was in my first apartment. When Kelly and I moved in, we had a little fun and sprayed it a bright royal blue for our living room. It stayed that way for the apartment in Oak Cliff, and when I got it here I just used some leftover ORB and sprayed it again! Its the perfect little lightweight side table. The top used to have a mirror on it, but it broke somewhere down the line (I blame kitty cat paws and a strong jump) so I painted it with chalkboard paint when I painted the kitchen and I just drew a scalloped detail on it for now. Here it is in it's current state! Quite a story it has, right?

This bookshelf has been extremely useful, too. Its the LACK shelf from Ikea and I bought it when Kelly and I lived in our duplex to serve as a shoe compartment in my fun 'office/closet' space. I then used it as a bookshelf/room divider in the apartment and got a few comments on how useful it was that way. As soon as we brought it into the new house, we set it on the ground next to the window and voila! it is now a window seat and bookshelf. It's where people drop their items when they come in the door and many people have sat on it. It was a great buy!

Again with the flowers! I saved the mason jars and vases from our wedding, too. This one has gold glitter on the upper half, and it's one of my favorite flower vases!

Emily took a similar photo, but this is our dresser in our bedroom. I'm glad that I don't have too much cluttering the top, I want the bedroom to be more sparse than the rest of the house.

I've shown this detail before, but I'm still really loving this side table!

I bought a little grey rug just like this a couple of years ago from World Market and it rests in Mark's bathroom now. I always loved it, so I went back and got this wine colored one for my bathroom!

I've been holding off on showing more bathroom pictures because I've been on the search for the perfect window treatment fabric, but I'm coming up empty so far. I had Mark hang this Ikea bookshelf to hold some items that bring more color into the room (like our postcards from our honeymoon in Hawaii), plus its a convenient spot for my jewelry. I love it!

So, what are your favorite details in your house? Do the little things make you happy, or is it more about a large piece of furniture or a new appliance?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Ah! So many things to say!
    LOVE that verse and how awesome is that to have it on your kitchen wall so you can see it every day. Good idea!

    I love those mason jars with the gold at the top. I've been wanting to do that to some of my mason jars, but it's at the bottom of the diy list now because I keep adding too many new projects! haha

    And I'm obsessed with the wine colored bath mat. How long ago did you get it?

  2. The new verse looks great on the chalk wall! You'll have to keep us updated each time you change the verse since they've looked so cute :)

    I've always loved that little side table! I think I liked it best in cobalt blue but I may be biased since that IS my favorite color ;)

  3. I'm in LOVE with your chalkboard! And you are SO good at doodling on it (love the phrase!)! I've seen the idea of making a section of the wall in a child's bedroom or playroom chalkboard, but I really love the way you've done it! Tempts me to do it when we get into a new place!
    That little rug, SO CUTE!


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